The 2 Most Common Legal Contracts & What You're Likely Missing

The 2 Most Common Legal Contracts & What You’re Likely Missing

Whether you’re a long-time or brand-new owner of a gym, dance studio, swim school, or other youth activity center, ensuring that your business is using the right legal contracts can save you time, money, and the headache of litigation if things go wrong at any point. How do you know if you’re using the right wording in your contracts, or if you’re missing any important terms and conditions? Enter Matthew Becker of Gym Lawers PLLC

Matthew started Gym Lawyers in 2021 in hopes of helping gym owners navigate the complex legal issues that impact their businesses. He started practicing the law in Pittsburgh, PA in 2009 and opened his gym, Industrial Athletics, in 2013.  He managed both businesses until 2019 when he shut down his litigation practice in order to dedicate his full time to helping his gym members become better individuals. Matthew now helps gym owners in all stages of ownership from corporate setup and proper legal contracts when running a gym, to assisting in the buying/selling process. 

With his years of legal and industry experience, we’re excited to feature Matthew as a guest presenter in our latest webinar, “The 2 Most Common Legal Contracts & What You’re Likely Missing”. 

Join us as he walks through the following points and answers a plethora of audience questions along the way from several different types of youth activity center owners and employees:

  • The three provisions your waiver must have
  • The three additional provisions your waiver is missing
  • The three sections you need in your membership contract

If you’re ready to tune in, future-proof your youth activity center and take your legal contracts to the next level, check out the on-demand recording of “The 2 Most Common Legal Contracts & What You’re Likely Missing“ now!


Want to maximize your benefits from this webinar? Follow along and get the full experience with Matthew Becker’s webinar handouts: 4 Must Have Terms for Liability, Waivers 5 Membership Contract Essentials and Elements of a Good Waiver.

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