Ways You Can Improve Your Swim School

Would you like to improve your swim school business? Maybe by improving the quality of the teaching at your school, create energy in your existing customer group and draw new customers to your school? There are three actions that can set the stage for positive change in you swim school business and help you to do all mentioned above for your school and more.

First of all, join at least one nationally recognized association. Why? This will:

  • Improve your credentials
  • Give your customers confidence in your ability to teach their child to swim
  • Increase your knowledge of the swim school industry
  • Provide access to resources that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to use

US organizations that fit the bill for this: The World Aquatic Babies & Children Network (WABC), the United States Swim School Association (USSSA), and the American Swimming Coaches Association (ASCA).

Secondly, you must have an affordable incentives program that motivates your staff. Why?

  • Incentives go beyond what pay can do to incentivize your employees to be extraordinary
  • Uniquely skilled teachers keep customers coming
  • Happy employees make happy customers

Here is a great example:

The Swim Lessons Company in Columbia, SC put a “love their teacher” competition in place by promoting it in the monthly enewsletter. Teachers are paid bonuses for compliments they get from parents – $5 cash for every emailed compliment received. The compliments are also read during the monthly staff meeting when the case is handed out.

Thirdly, take the time to understand what your teachers need help with and put it into their training content. Isn’t this expensive and difficult?

Actually – No.

  • Lots of teacher training resources are available online
  • There are DVDs that cover virtually every swim education course that you can imagine
  • Resources enable you to keep it simple or be as comprehensive as you’d like

By paying attention to what is going on in these three areas of your swim school business, you can improve the results that you’re getting. Just think, you will have greater knowledge of what is trending in other swim schools, you can make sure that you have instructor continuity and you can continuously improve your teachers’ skills and expertise. And improvements in these areas will help to make your school the one that everyone is talking about.

Original Source: Articles from Jim Reiser, Swim Lessons University



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