2020 October virtual release notes

Virtual Release Notes: October’s Top Product release

It’s a new month with new product enhancements here at Jackrabbit Class!

Last month, Jackrabbit’s training specialist, Marie, and myself introduced our new concept of Virtual Release Notes, a more interesting way to learn about what was recently released to the Jackrabbit application. We had such a great time chatting about how scheduling absences and makeups from the Parent Portal has been a game-changer for a lot of our clients with the amount of time and money it has saved in admin hours.

This month, we talked about a few different enhancements, including refinements to our new pages: All Families and All Students. But, the main focus was on the new, simpler menu and how a better-organized menu makes for a much better workflow!

If you didn’t catch it live, you can watch it on-demand now!

Watch now!


October’s top product release: The new Simplified Menu

A few weeks ago, the Jackrabbit team released a major product enhancement that we’ve named the Simplified Menu. And it’s as wonderful as it sounds!

The best part of Jackrabbit is the power and functionality found throughout the software. With great power can also come perceived complexity, especially with a menu that is ever-expanding with many options under each menu item.

The Simplified Menu is still the same Jackrabbit we know and love – it’s just better organized. And who doesn’t appreciate that?! While muscle memory may take some time to retrain, we have no doubt that you will fall in love with the simplicity of the new menu!

Q&A on Jackrabbit’s brand new Simplified Menu

What are some of the key differences between the classic menu and the new menu?

First of all, the new menu is truly easier to navigate. One of the more noticeable changes is the gear icon that we are used to seeing in other applications we use. This icon now houses all the settings and tools that were once scattered throughout the Tools menu, such as general settings for drop-down lists, tuition settings, and ePayment settings, just to name a few. Like items are grouped together and organized in a way that makes sense.

Another noticeable change is a new category in the menu, Module. The items in this menu were scattered in multiple places before being moved to one central location with all the extras that can help you with your business that you may not use every day.

And lastly, reports. Related reports are found in each menu and the main Reports menu includes the reports you rely on the most based on how you customize it.

How can you customize the Reports menu to show the reports you use most? 

In the full list of reports, there is a heart icon next to each report. When you click the heart, it will fill it in and you’ve officially made that one of your reports!

Once you’ve done that to all your most-used reports, you will find those are the reports that populate when you hover over the Reports section of the new menu. Eliminating clicks to get to the reports you need most is what it’s all about!

How are clients getting acquainted with the new menu?

THIS. RIGHT. HERE. (—>Classic Menu to Simplified Menu – Where is it now?)

Excuse the shouty capitals, but if you are using the new menu – this is all you need! And after you get acquainted with the new, you will forget what was so different from the classic menu. Bookmark the page but you will find in no time, you will be such a pro at the new menu that the old menu is complete history!

What Jackrabbit enhancements can we look forward to?

Multi-class discounts are about to get even better. If you offer discounts based on how many classes a student or family takes, Jackrabbit will let you set a discount for each class up to 20 classes. You heard that right…twenty!

This is going to come in handy for those competitive dancers, gymnasts, and cheerleaders who are at your facility every day of the week. Get rid of those fixed fees and let Jackrabbit do the calculation for you.

And as we get to the end of the year and gearing up for 2021, you are going to see more automation through Jackrabbit. The new menu and other recent enhancements have paved the way for this work and I couldn’t be more thrilled to share more information with you as we get closer to those releases!

What is the best way to stay informed on more enhancement releases?

I am so glad you asked!

We are hosting our Virtual Release Notes monthly and we hope that you can join in on the fun! Each time we meet, we will recap what’s new, how to maximize the latest and greatest feature, and talk about what’s coming up next. While we hope that you can join us live, we know that you are busy so you can always catch us on-demand!

Our next episode is scheduled in November and I’ve seen a sneak peek of the items on the list – you don’t want to miss it!

Save my spot for the next episode of Virtual Release Notes!

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