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Use Jackrabbit’s Online Modules without a Company Website

No website? No worries! You can still use our online modules.

You can use any of Jackrabbit’s online modules via emails, on Facebook, or by providing a webpage address on a printed flyer.

The four modules can be used as simple hyperlinks.  All the “webpages” reside on our servers, not yours.

The online modules are: Class Listings, Online Registration, Parent Portal and Event Registration.

Use Print and Email to Help Customers Use Online Tools

Let’s first look at email and print as ways to provide online information to your customers.

A printed card or flyer and a simple email may not be as “attractive” as their website counterparts, but they do a good job of giving customers online capabilities from simple content.

If you would like to see how this works when customers type the links in their browsers, click below on the actual links that are illustrated in the image above:

New Summer Session and Registration Starts on Saturday

Our New Customers

Register by filling out our form at: https://app.jackrabbitclass.com/reg.asp?id=507172

Our Returning Customers

Register in your portal: https://app.jackrabbitclass.com/jr3.0/ParentPortal/Login?orgID=507172


Make a note of our Special Events: http://app.jackrabbitclass.com/eventcalendar.asp?orgid=507172

We look forward to seeing you in class!

An email is easily accomplished by using the HTML formatting and hyperlink icon in your personal email or in the Jackrabbit email template editor.

The links can be hidden in the email behind a word or a phrase.

The links work in exactly the same way as in the first email where the URL shows.

Hi parents!  We are excited for the new Summer Session and registration starts on Saturday!

New customers can register by filling out our New Customer Registration Form

Returning customers can register and manage your account in your Parent Portal

Everyone can go to this link to check out our Special Events on our Monthly Event Calendar

What about using Facebook?

You can take each of the links you’ve used in your printed pieces and/or emails and post each of them to your Facebook page. The web addresses will work just as they do in the other items, linking your customer directly to the page on the Jackrabbit server so they can take care of their online business whenever they wish.

Below is an example of posting a link to the New Customer Registration Form:

There’s More!

You can also share basic Class Listings Tables via email.

Here are some examples of various tables (grouped by Category code) that you can also find in the Online Integration section of the Help Center:

  • If you are ready to try kicking up your heels, try one of our great Cottontail Kick classes.
  • Bouncing around sound better?  Try one of our Bunny Bounce classes instead.
  • For you extreme athletes, check out the variety of all of our Advanced classes.

Value to You

While those with websites can present these options to customers in a more glamorous way, emails and printed pieces give you good alternatives for giving customers online access without a website of your own. Your organization and your customers can benefit from the convenience, accuracy, and speed of using online tools for account, registration, class and event management.

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