10 reasons clients love unlimited support

10 Reasons Why Clients Love Unlimited Jackrabbit Class Support

Consider the last time you implemented a new software system at your facility. You were probably equal parts excited and overwhelmed. 

We get it. That’s why we offer unlimited Jackrabbit Class support to every client, so that when you begin the process of getting up and running, any frustrations that may have been fall at the wasteside.

We’ll say it louder for the people in the back. Here at Jackrabbit Class, we take the support of our clients seriously because without you there is no us.

10 reasons why clients love unlimited Jackrabbit Class support

So, what’s the magic formula? There isn’t one! However, our clients have told us what they find special about the unlimited customer support Jackrabbit Class offers.

I’m sure you’ll find a handful if not every reason important to you, too.

1. No extra cost for support

Jackrabbit’s support resources are part of your monthly subscription. In other words, the support is free and who doesn’t love free-99?

The all-inclusive support package includes help center, help videos, webinars, and contacting our team via email, live chat, or phone support..

2. Reliable support team

When facing any challenge, you want an extensive front-line of people on your side, right? 

Helping our clients is a great feeling. That’s why questions submitted via email are guaranteed to be answered within a two hour period. Most often, the answer comes sooner than that! 

Depending on the time of day, the volume, or complexity of your question, a client could receive an answer in 20 minutes.

When it comes to helping our clients accomplish their goals or to use Jackrabbit in a different way that helps them grow their business, our support team is ready to dive in!

3. Invested in our clients

In other words, our support team cares! Whether on a live chat, answering a support ticket, or working through something over the phone, Jackrabbit’s support team learns about each client’s business. 

Every business is unique and in order to help clients reach their goals, we have to be all in!

As a simple and kind gesture, the support team sends handwritten notes to clients they have engaged with. And who doesn’t like to receive an unexpected note in the mail?

4. Easily accessible

Jackrabbit’s clients are sprinkled across 36 different countries around the world. While our employees cover 4 different time zones, having support resources easily accessible is an absolute must!

Jackrabbit support is available from 8:00 am – 8:00 pm EST Monday through Friday, our clients can reach us through whichever channel works best for them – whether it is email, live chat, or a scheduled phone call. In addition, our help center and help videos are available directly in the app so you don’t have to go on a never-ending search.

5. Friendly and fun

Jackrabbit’s support team embodies the company’s core value of connecting with others. They are connecting with clients all day! But, they don’t take that lightly.

Each support team member is upbeat and fun. They even include an interesting personal fact about themselves in their signature line. For example, Melissa is a Software Support Representative & Mad about Movies. Sounds like my kind of girl!

6. Not a one-size fits all 

Jackrabbit’s support team really get to know our clients and share in their small and big victories. We understand that each business is unique and with the customizable aspect of Jackrabbit, no two businesses run the same.

When responding to clients, our team members will create a personalized screencast, demonstrating the steps in the client’s app – just for them. Doesn’t get much better than that!

7. Something for everyone

Piggybacking on not being a one-size fits all support system, we understand that everyone (just like the businesses you run) is different. That is why we have something for everyone.

  • Are you a DIY-er? Use our self-serve Jackrabbit Training System.
  • Are you a visual learner? Check out our help videos or webinars.
  • Do you prefer to just give it a college try? Follow the steps in our Help Center.
  • Do you want to talk it out with someone? Schedule a call with us.

8. Easy-to-follow instructions and resource guides

Whether you’re looking for a quick rundown of our lineup of fast tracked enhancements following COVID-19, or you need advice on reopening your facility, Jackrabbit offers easily digestible content on our blog and help center, full of just about anything you could possibly want to know about ways to grow your business using Jackrabbit. 

Our dedicated team of writers are constantly updating information based on recent enhancements to the software to make sure our clients get what they need.

From step-by-step instructions to complete a task to help videos included within the page, you can follow along at your convenience!

9. Subject Matter Experts

Because it is nearly impossible for each person to know everything, Jackrabbit has subject matter experts for features within the app – think ePayments, online integration, skills, etc. The support team works together to get questions to the right expert when needed.

But, we also have some support reps with a background in being connected to a youth activity center. From dance moms, to swim coaches, to office staff at a gym – they know exactly what our client’s needs are!

10. Promote a sense of community

Back to those company core values, Jackrabbit is all about connecting with others and as I mentioned, the support team does it well. We consider our clients to be part of our family here.

Jackrabbit has a special Facebook group for Jackrabbit users and while we monitor and moderate the group, our clients feel that sense of community to network and connect with each other.

In addition to getting help from people in your shoes, we use this forum to inform our clients of new enhancements, available webinars, upcoming trainings, business tips and much more!

Using a powerful software program everyday is one thing. But, having access to great support resources is definitely icing on the cake!

Thinking about giving Jackrabbit Class a spin? Sign up for a live demo with one of our Product Coaches to see if Jackrabbit Class is the right fit for you!

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