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Track Referrals with Jackrabbit!

Ever thought about who refers new students and families to your business? Think about how you can use this information to help save time and increase customer loyalty. Let Jackrabbit help track this information for you!

Take it a step further with your email marketing. Target people who have referred or been referred to your business and customize your messaging to them. Thank them for talking to their friends about your business and tell them how much it means to you.

Part I:

When families or an organization adds the referral, or as we call it “source codes,” they are easy to find. Here is where they are stored on the families record: (Remember: Source codes need to be added to your drop down menu under Family Sources.)


You can then run a report to identify them: Families>Advanced Search>Source (and use their pull down menu). Hit submit.

Part II:

Now, what if you want to review a report of information in the referral name field?
We’re going to use Sara Jones as an example. She is the mother who you want to thank that had been referred to your studio.

To show you, we have created a test family for visuals.

1.        We created a test family in a database just using the quick registration form.


2.        Now, let’s look at the family.



3.       Here is where you now would run the Families>Advanced Search:



4.       Here is the report output showing you the referral information for contact. Remember, the client must fill this out properly for this to work for you.


Keeping up with your referrals can really help your business in terms of retention rates. How many people are promoting your business for you?

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