top 10 ways double gyms income

Top 10 Ways to Double Your Gym’s Income

When it comes to growing your youth activity center or increasing revenue at your gymnastics gym, there’s no crystal ball of success you can look into. 

There are, however, peers in the industry you can lean on for support and advice. And there’s this article. 

To save you from lengthy internet searches and painful trial and errors, Jackrabbit Class client and long-time business owner, Randy Sikora has shared his top 10 ways to double your gym’s income.

10 proven ways to double your gym’s income:

1. Implement an auto-pay system and a student withdrawal notice

All students in our gym are enrolled in our monthly auto-pay system with a credit card attached to their account. Each month we use our cloud-based class management tool to process everyone’s tuition at once. (It’s like pushing a magic button!) 

We ask for a 30-day written notice of withdrawal, so we have time to fill a student’s spot if one should become available. We’ve noticed this also saves students from withdrawing, which means more money is coming to your business.

2. Provide a 100 percent money back guarantee

Years ago, we ended our Free Trial Program and replaced it with a 100 Percent Money Back Guarantee program. As a result of this change, we charge for every class a student takes instead of discounting for trial classes. 

What does that mean for us? You guessed it. Increased revenue. Making good on our money back guarantee (thankfully this is a rare occurrence!) helps establish goodwill, too. 

As an added bonus, this money back guarantee inspires confidence in our staff and customers. It shows that we believe in our program enough to bet tuition on our student’s happiness.

3. Price your services courageously with a minimum 3 percent annual price adjustment

As a business owner, you know that pricing your services is both an art and a science. 

Our pricing reflects not just our costs of operating, but also indicates the value we feel we are delivering. We strive to be the pricing leader in our industry by demonstrating continued reinvestment, learning and innovation.

4. Never cut off class enrollment

At Twister Gymnastics, our sessions never end! Once we implemented a year-round schedule, we never looked back. If your industry allows for continuous enrollment – do it! Even if your industry hasn’t historically been known for year-round enrollment – be creative!

The potential added enrollment revenue will add up over time, thus adding to the bottom line of your organization’s success.  

At certain times of the year we may need to make minor adjustments and we continue to educate our customers that gymnastics is a year-around sport.

5. Allow students to register online

If you aren’t providing customers the opportunity to register for your classes online, what are you waiting for? I have yet to hear anyone say they regret letting customers register 24 hours per day.

6. Set a strict no pay = no play policy

This is a tough pill to swallow, at first. 

When we implemented our auto-pay and 30-day withdrawal notice, we also implemented a zero receivables policy to ensure no one owes our gymnastics gym money. 

Additionally, we stopped taking checks, which reduced our administrative costs and collections. 

Think about it this way: Can you drop your kids at the movies and pay after they enjoy the show? Nope. And your gymnastics gym, swim school or dance studio should adopt the same policy to help increase income.

7. Be transparent with your leadership staff through open book management

Sharing the inner financial workings of your business is an educational endeavor that yields enormous returns. This levels the playing field by informing key leaders on how things are going financially, thus equipping our decision makers with critical information they need to be successful.

8. Performance Compensation for staff based upon overall results

We are a team. We are all in this together. If one side of the boat is sinking, we all need to bail. We have made several attempts to break apart our organization into mini-segments and assign percentages of fixed costs – all of which failed. Our team approach is just right and keeps everyone rowing in the same direction.

Discover more ways to enable staff at your gymnastics gym by downloading the 2022 Industry Benchmark Report with top ways gym owners are empowering and paying their employees.

9. Freezing accounts during summer months

The process of freezing is basically a withdrawal and re-enrollment form built into one. We allow members to hold their spot in a specific class for up to eight weeks between June and August. 

The majority of members who freeze their membership do so for 4-6 weeks. We do not charge for the freeze but do begin charging their tuition when their freeze has thawed.

10. Weekly Reporting of KPI’s

We report key performance indicators (KPI’s) to our leadership weekly.


Measuring KPIs on a weekly basis provides vital data we use to manage our programs in a timely manner. If something’s not working, we want to know sooner rather than later. 

If you’re not tracking key performance indicators at your youth activity center, start with enrollment data, instructor hours and class sizes.

Bonus: Only surround yourself with people that have a quality you admire

We spend a lot of time with our fellow staff members. Let’s make the most of that time by picking the very best people to share our days. This is my quick-test to see if we have the right people on our team!

Discover other metrics your business should be evaluating to grow your gymnastics gym with the 2022 Industry Benchmark Report.

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