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Tips from Customer Support: Pulling Information from Jackrabbit

The Support Team often gets requests for guidance on how to “pull” information from Jackrabbit.  The Jackrabbit system has many Reports that can be used to pull specific information from your database and put it into Report Form.

Below are three of the most common requests for information that can be pulled from Jackrabbit:

1. Comprehensive Contact Information exported into Contact Management Software
2. Comprehensive Financial Reporting exported to Excel or given to your Accountant
3. Enrollment Data comparing previous years/sessions or day-to-day information

What is important to remember when trying to pull information from Jackrabbit?

Search Criteria, Search Criteria, Search Criteria!  Jackrabbit’s search tools use the information that YOU have entered into the day-to-day fields of the system. This means that the information you have typed to “fill in the blank” to match a field will be the information that the system is trying to find during a search.

Providing detailed and specific information in your Search Criteria will help you get the information that you need in a Report.

Reports are formatted in such a way that the Search Criteria is entered at the top of each Report.  By thinking of the location where you entered the information into Jackrabbit, you can formulate good Search Criteria for your Report information.

What Report should I use?
Jackrabbit provides many choices!  Search Criteria will tell you WHAT the Report will pull. The specific information you need may inspire questions such as: “How can I find out what my last sessions enrollment was?” “Where Can I find all the Contact Information?” “How can I find all unpaid transactions?” “How can I find out how much money I have taken in?”

Report names will give you the first clue as to which to use. The Search Criteria will help “fill in the blanks”. The Jackrabbit User Guide also has a REPORT MATRIX that gives you a quick look at the Search Criteria that is available on each Report.

The most commonly used Reports in Jackrabbit are:

Revenue Summary and/or Payment Category Summary Report = Revenue Information
Enrollment Detail Report = Enrollment Comparison and Contact Information
Student Listing Report = Comprehensive Student Detail Information

You may also use ADVANCED SEARCHES, such as Families Advanced Search or Transactions Advanced Search to get help in creating a report with more complex Search Criteria.

Always use your “EMAIL SUPPORT” button to request assistance for any questions you have about your Jackrabbit system.

To review the way your Jackrabbit software works, download Jackrabbit’s continuously improved User Guide. Print out a copy to keep at your fingertips as a reference.
Click Here to download the latest User Guide.

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