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The Importance of Bonding

International Sports Center [home of the Charlotte Allstars] is the Charlotte areas largest gymnastics facility offering over 25,000 square feet of instructional space including 5 spring floors, in-ground foam pits, tumble tracks and the full array of gymnastics apparatus. With over 90 classes offered each week, a very competitive and respected level 5 thru 10 team gymnastics program and over 20 full and part time instructional staff, there are hundreds of people who walk through their doors every week.

Be Active, Be Happy.

These four words are the core of what ISC stands for. They are dedicated to being a place for children to be active and happy. As a large gymnastics facility, keeping students happy is important to the success of the business. If your customers aren’t happy, they won’t want to come back.

ISC is proud of their culture and have events focused on bonding for their gymnasts. Several times throughout the year, they have sleepovers in the gym! They have sleepovers to start off the season for the teams, fundraisers, and other special occasions. This gives their gymnasts a lot of time together in a fun, relaxed environment. This time spent together is invaluable.

Building camaraderie and a sense of family within the entire program creates a ton of positive energy. Getting to know other gymnasts that you don’t have the opportunity to talk to on a regular basis is a huge plus to the sleepovers. New teammates get to know the veterans and vice versa. Younger children get to talk to the older gymnasts that they look up to. This happens regardless of what the purpose of the sleepover is. Whether kicking off the season, raising money to travel to competitions or celebrating competition victories, those who attend develop a stronger sense of team.

At a sleepover, you can talk to anyone. Students can ask their favorite coach questions about their favorite pizza or what they like to do outside of the gym. Conversations start and bonds form. This sense of family is one that you can’t get during practice. There’s something special about spending the night in the gym that can’t be done in class.

Bonding with others plays an important role in students being happy at the gym. If they have friends and a support system, they feel at home. For 26 years, ISC has been focused on providing a great place for children to spend their time learning gymnastics and life skills.

When they go to a competition, they are confident that different teams will be watching and supporting other groups because of the bond created at the sleepovers.

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