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The Business of Business!

YOU know that business is tough – even under the best of circumstances! Why?

Because it seems like there are about a million details, all of which are vital, immediate and important either to you, your staff or your customers.

Your “internal thought-cloud” (see graphic) is constantly churning with the overlapping, shifting and persistent priorities.

Want to cut through the clutter and run Your Business like a Pro? You can – just adopt a proven, organized system and have the will power to stick to it!

The “nucleus” graphic shows the major elements in the business of business” system. Below is WHY they are in this progressive order.

ManageSmart: Your overall business model (every program) needs to be evaluated annually for validity, financial viability and relevance to customers. Your business plan can be a living, evolving document if you use the right technologies. When you GET and STAY in Control of your evolving Business Plan, you can more effectively market your message(s).

MarketSmart: Gather your marketing team, and have a plan to design and track all of your Marketing Plan activities (for both customer acquisition and retention). This can be done with the right technologies that coordinate with all other major elements shown in the “nucleus” graphic.  When your marketing messages are on point, it is easy to transmit them to your staff and customers.

PeopleSmart: Organized marketing generates enrollment, and that means staff to teach the students. The #1 challenge in all Child Activity Centers, globally, is the ability to effectively Source, Recruit, Assess and Retain Staff at all levels – especially at the instructional level.

To accomplish this, we must broaden the sources at the top of our hiring funnel, then use proven, specific instructional-success traits as we assess, check references, interview and take work samples.

The process looks like this:

The #2 challenge with your people is to create a customized Educational University, and track the progress of your Key Managers and Staff. Selecting an appropriate learning management system that offers both (a) existing business, leadership and personal development content AND (b) a platform for you to author your own training courses is essential. Again, this technology already exists!

TechSmart and OfficeSmart: Monitor all of your technologies and applications on a “technology grid or mind map” for maximum efficiency. It is essential that you are aware of ALL of the tech tools that you and your business use, and to understand how to deploy them intelligently so that your key staff can work as fast as they can think!

With respect to the office and Office Management Team, remember that they also need “success pathways” in the arenas of professional and personal development. See PeopleSmart, challenge #2.

FinanceSmart: Now that the first four (4) elements of “the system” are in place, your cash flow will improve significantly. Get your monthly, quarterly and annual financial reports into a condition where regular and meaningful information is gained each of these time periods. You may even want weekly reports in prime growth time periods. Set and maintain Financial KPI (Key Performance Indicators) targets with respect to Revenues, Expenses and Profits per Program or Location.

Find and apply your specific industry’s Expense and Profit Ranges. This is available through your industry consulting experts and via the SmartEDGE Dashboards.

FacilitySmart: When your profitability is up, you can afford to outfit and maintain your Facility(s) and Equipment in peak condition. Have an online system that keeps all of the facility (interior and exterior) and equipment maintenance and repairs records. This technology already exists with

RiskSmart: Now that you have the first six (6) elements in place, you must PROTECT your assets and the business that has been built up. Reduce the Operating Risk of your business – in every area! Your insurance coverages, EAP’s (Emergency Action Plans) and CMP’s (Crisis Management Plans), as well as your online recording of all accidents/incidents via an application like will help protect the organization as the needs arise – especially in court!

InspireSmart:  Congratulations! All of the major “business of business” elements are in place. So what’s next? Easy – now inspire your entire organization with business, leadership and personal development courses. Offering both professional and personal development to existing and prospective staff will elevate your efforts to recruit and retain the BEST people! Refer again to PeopleSmart, challenge #2.

Why re-invent the wheel? The key objectives in all of these “Smart” systems already exist in the SmartEDGE Dashboards. Connect for a free consultation on your business challenges and our solutions!

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