Simplification Comes to Several Areas in Jackrabbit

eComm icons simplify the Family Transaction tab, Transaction History and Advanced Transaction Search.

The ePmt column is being switched to display icons instead of words for the eComm status (approved, declined, voided). Also, ePayment Details was improved with some styling changes and the Payment Processor name was added.

These icon changes were also made in Advanced Transaction Search.

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10149 final icons

Owner Leverages Power of Single Database System to Manage Multiple Locations

To manage the details of 4 music schools and a dance school, Kelly Bowlin, owner of Gwinnett School of Music definitely needs a robust system. Data is the life blood of any business and Kelly’s organization is no different. Data is critical to managing day-to-day tasks and in making strategic business decisions. The single database foundation of Jackrabbit’s system enables owners to easily do both.

“Having multiple locations, yet a single database to work in, is awesome and its one of the features that gives Jackrabbit such power.” Kelly Bowlin, Gwinnett School of Music

The single database foundation enables some powerful features, two of which Kelly describes.

REPORTING PROVIDES CONSUMABLE DATA TO DECISION MAKERS | Nothing is worse than having no data to support decision making – except perhaps having data that you can’t use. Jackrabbit’s single database also makes amazingly enlightening reporting possible. And Jackrabbit’s report choices give you great starting points for quickly accessing data that is useful. And the feature is so flexible that you can specify endless criteria to tweak your reports to your delight and then save the report so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you want your unique report.

“Jackrabbit is powerful for slicing and dicing data. And doing it isn’t complicated. In fact, Jackrabbit reporting is the only reasonable way that I can get data that is consumable – that actually has value to me in managing and growing our school.” Kelly Bowlin, Gwinnett School of Music

AUTOMATED PAYMENT SYSTEM IS BUSINESS CHANGING | Any size music school would find Jackrabbit’s payment system beneficial but it has a special place in Kelly’s heart because he can do a single process to get paid for all 5 locations. One of Jackrabbit’s key benefits is how it leverages automation and its payment process is a fine example of how taking humans out of the process creates tremendous advantages. Revenue reporting in Jackrabbit gives owners valuable tracking and comparisons that also change their confidence in revenue-related business decisions.

“Jackrabbit has the coolest payment system of any software of its kind. I love that I can batch payments together with their approval codes and see them accurately attributed in reports. I can run revenue tracking reports and create year-to-year comparisons. Being able to do this has totally changed the way I make decisions. The payment process has been transformational for our entire organization.” Kelly Bowlin, Gwinnett School of Music

ORGANIZATION DETAILS | 5 locations, 747 active students, 75 instructors, Kelly Bowlin, Owner


Helpful Enhancements to Post Late Fees

Previously charging late fees on tuition only has been a challenge. Our dev team has put in an enhancement to help you with that!

You can now post late fees for only certain transaction types and/or subtypes. And you also now have a date range to search for outstanding fees posted within certain dates. These are located in a new search criteria section called “With Unpaid Transactions” in the Post Late Fees page.


Learn more about our latest enhancements.

Enhancements: Class Transactions and Time Approvals Impacted by Latest Round

Approve/Unapprove Time is sortable

The columns in Approve/Unapprove Time can now be sorted by clicking on the column title. A “Show Actual Hours vs Scheduled Hours” check box has been added to the upper left side of the results screen. If the Actual Hours vs Scheduled Hours are displayed, the sort occurs within the staff person’s group of entries for each day. If Actual Hours vs Scheduled Hours aren’t displayed, it sorts all time entries.




“No Value” Category 1 drop-down option added in several places

“No Value” is now an option in the Category 1 drop-down list for Advanced Transaction Search, Edit All Classes and Classes Advanced Search. If you want to search for classes or transactions which have a blank Category 1, select “No Value” in the Category 1 drop-down list.



Staff Middle Initial added

A middle initial can now be entered for a Staff person (up to 5 characters) in the Staff Summary tab. Staff middle initial is now included in the “Export to Quickbooks” IIF file.   Make sure before importing the IIF file into Quickbooks that both Jackrabbit Staff and Quickbooks employee’s names are exactly the same, including the middle initial.



Copy Class Transactions: Tax Added

Copied transactions from using “Copy Class” will now include tax if the original transaction had tax. (Class>Copy Classes, when “Copy Family Tuition Transactions?” set to “Yes”).



Today’s Enhancements: Confirmations, Clarifications & Criteria

1. “Invalid emails” change in Email Families, Email Class and Email Leads.

The email confirmation received by users from the above, now lists separately any “invalid” email addresses. Also, the “sent” count now only includes the valid email addresses. Finally, two confirmation emails used to be sent: one with the email content and one with the list of email addresses. These have been combined into one email which contains both the content and the email addresses.

The system only checks whether the email format is correct (i.e., not missing the “.com” etc), not whether it was actually delivered.

2. Batch E-Payment text change

In an effort to clarify the action that the user is taking, the word “post” has been changed to “charge”.


3. Web Registration Class Search now includes “Day”

The system looks at the org’s Cat3s and determines if they are days of the week. If Cat3 is not ‘days’, then a new “Day” column will be displayed. If Cat3 is days of the week, then the “Day” column will be hidden. This was done In an effort to not effect orgs who are using the work around of Cat3 being day of the week. It could confuse parents to see 2 areas with the same information (day of the week).


Please visit the features area of our website for more information.