More Report Templates for Even Easier Tracking

Now you have the convenience and time-saving ability to use templates in TEN more reports:

  • Absences-Makeups
  • Aged Accounts
  • Birthday
  • Contact Listing
  • Customer Portal Log
  • Drop History
  • Email Listing
  • Enroll History
  • Enrollment Snapshot1
  • Family Address Listing

Report templates are amazing because they enable you to customize reports to fit your business.

And we know that it takes time to get every detail just right. With report templates, you only have to do your customization once. After you’ve named and saved your customized reports, you can use them again and again.

The time savings isn’t the only advantage of using report templates. You get consistency in your data as well. With the many choices and combinations of criteria and settings that you can use in your Jackrabbit reports, recreating the same complex report week after week or month after month may be challenging. Once you’ve saved your report template, you never have to worry about this again. Your reports will be consistent each time you pull them using your templates!

If you’ve never used report templates, start today. It’s one of the most powerful time-savers that Jackrabbit offers.

“Jackrabbit’s reports are awesome – especially from an owner’s perspective. I can choose existing report formats or create my own custom reports – whatever I need to monitor, track and compare my business data to understand our performance and our future potential.”  Lisa Muratore, Miss Lisa’s Music

You can find help for getting started with report templates here.

Look in the Help Center. How To Guide>Reports>Report Templates

Owner Leverages Power of Single Database System to Manage Multiple Locations

To manage the details of 4 music schools and a dance school, Kelly Bowlin, owner of Gwinnett School of Music definitely needs a robust system. Data is the life blood of any business and Kelly’s organization is no different. Data is critical to managing day-to-day tasks and in making strategic business decisions. The single database foundation of Jackrabbit’s system enables owners to easily do both.

“Having multiple locations, yet a single database to work in, is awesome and its one of the features that gives Jackrabbit such power.” Kelly Bowlin, Gwinnett School of Music

The single database foundation enables some powerful features, two of which Kelly describes.

REPORTING PROVIDES CONSUMABLE DATA TO DECISION MAKERS | Nothing is worse than having no data to support decision making – except perhaps having data that you can’t use. Jackrabbit’s single database also makes amazingly enlightening reporting possible. And Jackrabbit’s report choices give you great starting points for quickly accessing data that is useful. And the feature is so flexible that you can specify endless criteria to tweak your reports to your delight and then save the report so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you want your unique report.

“Jackrabbit is powerful for slicing and dicing data. And doing it isn’t complicated. In fact, Jackrabbit reporting is the only reasonable way that I can get data that is consumable – that actually has value to me in managing and growing our school.” Kelly Bowlin, Gwinnett School of Music

AUTOMATED PAYMENT SYSTEM IS BUSINESS CHANGING | Any size music school would find Jackrabbit’s payment system beneficial but it has a special place in Kelly’s heart because he can do a single process to get paid for all 5 locations. One of Jackrabbit’s key benefits is how it leverages automation and its payment process is a fine example of how taking humans out of the process creates tremendous advantages. Revenue reporting in Jackrabbit gives owners valuable tracking and comparisons that also change their confidence in revenue-related business decisions.

“Jackrabbit has the coolest payment system of any software of its kind. I love that I can batch payments together with their approval codes and see them accurately attributed in reports. I can run revenue tracking reports and create year-to-year comparisons. Being able to do this has totally changed the way I make decisions. The payment process has been transformational for our entire organization.” Kelly Bowlin, Gwinnett School of Music

ORGANIZATION DETAILS | 5 locations, 747 active students, 75 instructors, Kelly Bowlin, Owner


Jackrabbit Helps Organizations Use Technology to Their Advantage

Perception is everything. Well, almost – believes The Music Studio owner, Cecilia Rowe. How her parents perceive the learning experience they provide and the team that helps provide it is absolutely critical.

CONSISTENCY AND AUTOMATION EXUDE PROFESSIONALISM | There is often angst for owners when putting automation in place, fearing that the personal aspect of their business will be lost. Reality is far from that. Cecilia finds that she and her staff can now spend quality time being engaged with students and families because of the ways that technology has taken rote processes out of their hands.

“Human involvement is fantastic but processes sometimes suffer instead of benefit from it. Jackrabbit simplifies the business end of what we do so we can put our energies toward hands-on involvement in our students’ learning experiences.” Cecilia Rowe, The Music Studio

TECHNOLOGY HELPS REDUCE MANAGEMENT AND HEIGHTEN ENGAGEMENT | Jackrabbit’s single database keeps information organized and easy to access. Automation helps the school to be consistent in how and when things happen. For instance, payments are always collected at the same time, notes and skills are up-to-date and details about classes and facilities are regularly communicated.

“Using templates, auto-pay processes, online registration and the parent portal, we’re able to provide consistent, accurate, and specific information. That gives parents an incredible level of trust in us. We also have confidence in the information that we use – whether it’s to inform parents or make critical spending decisions.” Jody Kuhn, The Music Studio

Jackrabbit helps schools stay out of parents’ in managing their account. Unless there is a change, monthly contact about payment just doesn’t have to happen. Auto payments through Jackrabbit let parents set up their payment information and forget it. And staff is removed from the equation – unless there is a change or problem – because everything is managed by parents in the parent portal.

ROBUST TOOLS KEEPS OWNERS FOCUSED ON STRATEGY | Owners are true beneficiaries of the technology. Jackrabbit’s robust reporting features and dashboard view bring owners back to the strategic view that gives them a foundation for good decision making.

“I’m much more comfortable with my knowledge of the health of my business. Decisions can be made with greater confidence because I have accurate data to use in making them. When owners get ‘down in the weeds’ with day-to-day details, looking at the dashboard and reports is an excellent way to revert back to a more strategic 40,000 foot view.” Cecilia Rowe, The Music Studio

ORGANIZATION DETAILS | 1 location, 267 students, 31 instructors, Cecilia Rowe, Owner


Marketing Email Templates Are LIVE!


Email marketing is the glue that holds marketing together. Once you have email addresses, you can focus on customer retention, delivering timely, relevant messages to existing customers, increased involvement, recommendations, etc. By communicating with them appropriately, you can lead them through a cycle or build them into loyal advocates of your

Jackrabbit’s email templates are a great way to get started with your email marketing. Save templates to easily communicate with groups of customers at a time. Or, email the whole customer base with an announcement or closing. To make this easier for you, we have designed templates for you. There are several different options with slick graphics and verbiage ready for you to use. With a little customization to the wording and adding your logo, they’ll be ready to go in a flash.

There are a lot of ways you can use the email templates in Jackrabbit for your marketing. In fact, we believe in our email templates so much that our employees use them to contact you! The sales and billing department have several templates ready to send at the click of a button.

These templates are in your databases! You’ll go to Tools > Email Templates to see them. For more help and information, check out our help guides or training videos. As always, don’t hesitate to ask questions!