Parents Appreciate Online Tools that Accommodate their Lifestyles

Convenience, Confidence and Quality Sets Your Facility Apart

“Even the first time I used Jackrabbit’s online registration, it was easy to step through the process. 4Cats attaches class costs to accounts instead of offering a direct pay option. But Jackrabbit made it simple to understand this through very direct instructions on an intuitive screen.” Drew Stainton, Parent User of Jackrabbit’s Online Registration

Online registration is an incredible convenience for parents. It helps them to quickly enroll their children in the classes that they want or need – even if they can’t go to the facility or make calls during the workday. Including access to online payment options on the site page or through a portal takes online registration to the next level of convenience because it allows everything to be taken care of in one website visit. And ensures that the child’s place is confirmed – which makes parents happy.

“I am a software developer – specifically, an interface guy – so I quickly recognized that Jackrabbit’s interface is well-designed – much better than some others that I’ve used. All the information that I needed was well-communicated and the way that I was led through the steps in the portal made sense. This is really important in interface design and not every company pays attention to it.” Drew Stainton, Parent User of Jackrabbit’s Online Registration

Jackrabbit’s online registration and portal tools give parents speed and convenience because they can:

  • Leverage the speed and convenience of the Internet to register children for classes or camps.
  • Use technology tools – even if they are not very tech savvy – without frustration.
  • Make sure that their children don’t miss out on activities because of their schedule limitations.
  • Take care of activities associated with registration, such as payment, in one easy website visit.
  • Identify spending trends and establish a reasonable budget for lesson costs.
  • Track attendance and make-ups to ensure that absences aren’t costing them extra money.

“The Jackrabbit tools that 4Cats uses make them look very professional and established. It doesn’t give me much comfort as a parent to sign my child up for an activity with a facility that just uses a PayPal link, so the portal with its integrated payment system sets 4Cats above those who don’t bother to build that in.” Drew Stainton, Parent User of Jackrabbit’s Online Registration

Owners Put Jackrabbit’s Automation and Flexibility to Work

There is a lot going on at Jennings Music and Education Center. The center offers a few group lessons but the bulk of lessons offered are private. The Center also sells products in quite a large store. There is a large room equipped for bands and Band labs are offered for musicians to work on combining their skills.

AUTOMATION AND SIMPLIFICATION KEEP OWNERS ENGAGED | With so much activity, there is little time for time-consuming data entry and complex class and payment management processes. Levering Jackrabbit’s feature-rich system to automate and simplify as much of the business end of the center as possible is what enables owners Elizabeth and Phil Niverson to be engaged with their instructors and students in a meaningful way.

Offering online registration, auto-pay options and account management through the parent portal, gives parents the self-serve convenience that they want and it allows the Niversons to spend more time with people than numbers and processes.

“Jackrabbit helps us manage the business of our business so we can get our eyes off the computer screen and stay engaged with our real business assets–our students and instructors.”

PUSHING SYSTEM FLEXIBILITY TO MEET ATYPICAL NEEDS | Phil has the advantage of using a powerful system like Jackrabbit but he also has another advantage, he’s a full-time IT consultant who spends his evenings at the center. So he can really push the flexibility that Jackrabbit’s system offers to him. He has been able to take the import template that Jackrabbit provides and utilize it to import class details for each new teacher. When it comes times to build the classes for online registration, this tweak has saved him hours of tedious work. In addition, he is able to utilize the flexible transaction search, templates and export features to quickly calculate paid tuition by teacher to make payroll a 15 minute process.

“The varied class structures and multitude of private lessons common for music schools present a challenge for any class management system but Jackrabbit’s flexibility has allowed me to fit its functionality to my business.”

“Jackrabbit is the best system out there for handling transaction activities. And the report templates allow me to get the unique details of our business presented in ways that help us make decisions based on business facts–and then we can save them and never have to remake them to our unique needs again.”

ORGANIZATION DETAILS | 1 location, 160+ students, 20 instructors, Elizabeth and Phil Niverson, Owners

Jackrabbit Helps Organizations Use Technology to Their Advantage

Perception is everything. Well, almost – believes The Music Studio owner, Cecilia Rowe. How her parents perceive the learning experience they provide and the team that helps provide it is absolutely critical.

CONSISTENCY AND AUTOMATION EXUDE PROFESSIONALISM | There is often angst for owners when putting automation in place, fearing that the personal aspect of their business will be lost. Reality is far from that. Cecilia finds that she and her staff can now spend quality time being engaged with students and families because of the ways that technology has taken rote processes out of their hands.

“Human involvement is fantastic but processes sometimes suffer instead of benefit from it. Jackrabbit simplifies the business end of what we do so we can put our energies toward hands-on involvement in our students’ learning experiences.” Cecilia Rowe, The Music Studio

TECHNOLOGY HELPS REDUCE MANAGEMENT AND HEIGHTEN ENGAGEMENT | Jackrabbit’s single database keeps information organized and easy to access. Automation helps the school to be consistent in how and when things happen. For instance, payments are always collected at the same time, notes and skills are up-to-date and details about classes and facilities are regularly communicated.

“Using templates, auto-pay processes, online registration and the parent portal, we’re able to provide consistent, accurate, and specific information. That gives parents an incredible level of trust in us. We also have confidence in the information that we use – whether it’s to inform parents or make critical spending decisions.” Jody Kuhn, The Music Studio

Jackrabbit helps schools stay out of parents’ in managing their account. Unless there is a change, monthly contact about payment just doesn’t have to happen. Auto payments through Jackrabbit let parents set up their payment information and forget it. And staff is removed from the equation – unless there is a change or problem – because everything is managed by parents in the parent portal.

ROBUST TOOLS KEEPS OWNERS FOCUSED ON STRATEGY | Owners are true beneficiaries of the technology. Jackrabbit’s robust reporting features and dashboard view bring owners back to the strategic view that gives them a foundation for good decision making.

“I’m much more comfortable with my knowledge of the health of my business. Decisions can be made with greater confidence because I have accurate data to use in making them. When owners get ‘down in the weeds’ with day-to-day details, looking at the dashboard and reports is an excellent way to revert back to a more strategic 40,000 foot view.” Cecilia Rowe, The Music Studio

ORGANIZATION DETAILS | 1 location, 267 students, 31 instructors, Cecilia Rowe, Owner


It’s A Win-Win! Share Your Experience

Share how Jackrabbit has helped with your fall registration for a chance to win a Microsoft Surface for your business. 

Customer delight is one of Jackrabbit’s company values. What makes our company what it is today are our core values and beliefs that are adhered to by one and all in our organization. Our customers and consumers deserve the best deal from us. We shall aim not to just satisfy them but to deliver more than their expectations to delight them.

So, we’d love to hear from you if you are satisfied with Jackrabbit. We specifically want to hear how your fall registration is going this year.

Questions to consider:

1 How have your numbers increased? Do you have any statistics you’d like to share?
2 How has Jackrabbit helped your school with registration?
3 What do your parents like about registration? Are they happy?

How to enter:

Post your story onto our Facebook wall before October 29 at 5:00 PM EST.  Videos and photos are highly recommended. 🙂 We know the fall is busy so we want you to have time to settle down and run your numbers and brains for your post!

We will contact the winner via telephone on October 31 – they will have 24 hours to confirm and accept the prize. We will then announce the winner on our Facebook page on November 3.

The Microsoft Surface will be shipped to the winning business. We hope this will be a useful tool for your future registration periods.

Are You Ready For Fall?

Get ready for the fall by checking off these ways to share your class schedule and registration links to customers. Our customers tell us they love this feature the most because it allows their customers to register and get information online anytime. With technology becoming such a big part of our daily lives, offering online registration is becoming expected from your customers. Offering 24/7 access to sign up, pay bills, and edit their account information is what parents love. Here are three different ways you can get ready for the fall and maximize Jackrabbit to increase registrations.


1. Online registration on your website

The online bundle included in your monthly subscription consists of 4 modules as listed below. In order to integrate (display and use) these on your website, Jackrabbit provides links or HTML codes that you (or your webmaster) place into your web editor. The online bundle is designed in such a way that you can choose to use any combination, or all four, of the modules. Remember, each website is unique and it is your webmaster who can add “flair” to your integrations. Also, Jackrabbit has an integration specialist that can assist you or your webmaster with set up on any of these modules – for free! Read more here.

If you don’t have a website, here are some ways to use Jackrabbit’s online modules.

2. Online registration on your Facebook tabs

Delivering your message to your readers efficiently and getting them to your registration page quickly is an important aspect of your overall marketing and Facebook is one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal to help you convert your readers into registered students.

In addition to your newsfeed, Facebook application pages provide you with an opportunity to share important information about your studio — much like pages on your website.

Application tabs are located directly below your cover image. You can display three (in addition to the stationary Photos tab) above the fold and more tabs are available by clicking the blue down arrow. You can add an email newsletter opt-in box, YouTube videos, Pinterest boards, and custom html for your class schedule!

Read more here.

3. Online registration through email templates

Jackrabbit’s email templates are a great way to let your customers know registration is open. Before the chaos, create templates to easily communicate with groups of customers at a time. Or, email the whole customer base with the announcement. To make this easier for you, we have designed templates for you. There are several different options with slick graphics and verbiage ready for you to use. With a little customization to the wording and adding your logo, they’ll be ready to go in a flash. These templates will be in your database soon – read here for more information.

Online Registration Made Even Easier

We’re excited to announce several enhancements that give you some registration capabilities that you’ve been asking for!

These enhancements impact online registration and the portal, so read them carefully to make sure you understand where your new capabilities exist.

Web Registration Enhancements

Enroll students in up to 15 classes!

The web registration form now allows each student to enroll in 15 classes! The first five classes will appear along with an “Add More Classes” button. Clicking this button will open Select Class lines #6-10. Parents can then click the “Add More Classes” button again to open up the remaining Select Class lines #11-15. If your portal is active, a message will display telling the parent to visit your portal to enroll in unlimited classes.

Enroll Student in Events via Online Registration!

You now have the option to allow parents to enroll a student online for Events.

You will notice these changes:

On the Event Type Summary tab we’ve added a “Default Allow Enrollment For” Family or Student option. The default for this is “Family” so that your existing online registration process is not changed by this new capability.

On the Event Date/Time Summary tab we’ve added an “Allow Enrollment For” Family or Student option. Each new Event Date/Times created will default to the Event Type’s “Default Allow Enrollment For” setting, but you can change this per individual Event Date.

Additional tip: If you’d like any existing Events to allow parents to enroll students online, please edit the Event Date/Time to change this setting to “Student”.

Inside Jackrabbit, you will still be able to enroll both Families and Students into an event. The above settings only affect what the parent sees when registering for an event online.

See your Last Day of Enrollment Classes in Web Registration!

Each day, classes with last enrollment dates are displayed in Web Registration so that you and your parents know – at a glance – that the window of opportunity in enrolling in those classes is closing.

This makes Web Registration’s displayed information on the Last Day of Enrollment consistent with the information in the Portal.

Portal Registration Enhancement

It is now easier for your parents to register students for Events through the Portal!

Existing Students are now displayed with a check-box for easy selection when parents want to register them for new sessions using the Portal. Age Filtering is now also available so that you can make sure that only students meeting each Event’s age requirements are allowed to enroll into the Events.

See these and other Jackrabbit enhancements on our website.


Anxiety-Free Parents: Jackrabbit Saves Parents from the Bad Registration Experience

I recently read a blog post from Today’s Parent (August 2013) entitled “Registering for after-school programs is taking over my life!

I’ve provided the details of Ottawa-based Sportsnet host/reporter Ian Mendes’ experience below. But – rest assured as you read this – that, as a Jackrabbit customer, you can save your parents from ever experiencing such an ordeal.
One evening when Ian was traveling, he casually glanced at the clock and noticed it to be 7pm and 9 pm back home. He also realized that it was the first day of fall/winter swimming class registration through his hometown city of Ottawa.

His account of the experience begins here:

Every responsible parent knows the exact date and time of the online swimming registration for one reason: You’ve been burned in the past. And you always swear you will never be stuck with a lame swimming time and date again. So the countdown to the start of swimming registration has the same drama and hype as New Year’s Eve in a lot of parents’ homes.

If you’ve ever had to register your child for a class through a city website or via telephone, you know it can be a massive pain. You’ve got all the classes lined up perfectly in your mind — but you’re at the mercy of the system. It’s often bogged down with thousands of other parents who are sipping Pinot Grigio at their computer screen and trying to put their kids in the exact same classes.

So understanding the urgency of the situation, I rudely interrupted Sonia’s conversation with her longtime, childhood friend. I’m not sure what they were talking about, but it really didn’t matter.

“I know this sounds like an odd request, but could we use your computer for a few minutes?” I asked our hosts. “We need to use it for online swimming registration.”

Usually, that sentence would kill the mood at a dinner party.

But these friends have four kids of their own and as soon as the words “online swimming registration” escaped my mouth, they dashed out of the room to get their laptop.

We quickly loaded up the city of Ottawa website and found that we couldn’t get into the registration system. We kept hitting the refresh button, but the screen kept freezing up like it was using a dial-up connection from 1998.

The feeling of hitting the “refresh” button with no response can be frustrating. It takes you back to the last time you were trying to buy concert tickets online, but having a hard time connecting to the Ticketmaster server. (And no, trying to buy The Wiggles tickets doesn’t count). Before you know it, the event is sold out and you’re looking to buy tickets off a second-hand website at double the price.

But the problem with swimming classes is that nobody is selling spots on Craigslist after you’ve struck out online. Creating a post that says “female seeking whale (swimming class)” would probably not generate the type of responses you would want.

With each passing moment, our worst fears were starting to be realized; we weren’t going to get the ideal swim classes for our girls because we couldn’t connect to the server.

Instead, we’d probably get a 4:15 p.m. slot on a Tuesday, which would mean we’d have to rush them to the rec centre after school. Maybe we’d be forced into a 8:00 a.m. Sunday class that puts a damper on the entire weekend for everyone. Or worse: We could be forced to put our girls in swimming classes on different days in different pools — creating a logistical nightmare that also leaves a big carbon footprint on the city with all the extra driving.

I fired up my Blackberry and tried using the phone to register for the classes. The last time I used a touch-tone keypad to register for a class was in journalism school in the mid-1990s. This seemed so archaic, making me wonder if there was also a fax option for swimming registration as well.

But alas, the phone line was also busy — just like when you try phoning a radio station to be the 88th caller to win those same concert tickets you couldn’t purchase online.

What made our situation even more frustrating was that Sonia was receiving emails from friends that said they had made it through the cyber red tape and registered their kids for classes. People’s Facebook statuses were also starting to read “Kids registered for swimming!”

We tried to register for more than an hour at our friend’s house and had no luck. We said our goodbyes to them on their porch; each of us quietly certain that was the last dinner invite we would receive to their house.

We finally got through to the system about two hours later when we returned to my in-laws house. But at that point, our top choice for swimming classes for Lily was already full. We could put our names on the waitlist, but we knew damn well that was like putting your name on the waitlist for a brand-new daycare or Green Bay Packers season tickets. It was never going to pan out.

We did finally get our girls registered for classes on a Saturday morning. They aren’t at the same time like we had hoped — but they were close enough that they overlapped a little bit.

It’s just another reminder to mark our calendars for the date when the spring registration starts in a few months. And we will make sure that if the registration starts at 9 p.m., we’ll be trying to connect to that damn server at 8:30 p.m.

But as I noted earlier, if you use Jackrabbit, your clients never have to go through such an ordeal. You have online registration resources that suffer none of Ian’s trials and tribulations on any parent.

Online registration is, in fact, painless. It gives them as many – or as few – options as you want them to have. The amazing Jackrabbit support team and its thorough online registration resources make it possible for you to embed your class options and availabilities live on your website pages so that parents can see how many slots are available in which classes and can quickly enroll and pay (if you choose to allow them to do so) in just seconds.

There are no issues with getting on or getting booted off of your registration pages. Jackrabbit has plenty of bandwidth to accommodate as many of your parents as want to register at any point during the day or night. Because the information is real time, parents see class slots available and get enrollment confirmation immediately so they can rest assured that their child is enrolled in the class that they have just chosen. They can enjoy this convenience 24/7/365 in their pajamas or in the car pool line, on their home computer, iPad or iPhone.

There is an amazing bonus in this for you. Your staff doesn’t have to enroll each student manually any more. Parents take that off their hands and provide every detail necessary to enroll and pay for their child’s classes. Hours and hours of tedious data entry and frustration reading hand-written enrollment forms goes away.

Your classes can literally fill up while you’re asleep and remaining spaces are visible at a glance – on Jackrabbit’s executive dashboard – so you and your entire staff knows exactly where you stand at any moment during the day without looking through documents, researching files or even counting emails!

Photo Credit: All rights reserved by GHG Photo (Grey Houston Gibbs)

Jackrabbit Makes Accurate Information Available with Just a Click

Kings Swim Academy
2 locations
Owner, Joan Smith


Kings Swim Academy has similar needs to many swim schools. They need to be able to answer parents’ questions quickly and easily.  With a busy front desk, Office Manager, Shiloh Hurst and the Academy staff need tools that are helpful in making the details of day-to-day tasks practically automatic. In the perfect world, their software would give them accurate information that is easy to find.


The Academy’s staff is constantly enrolling or transferring students or providing account and class information to parents. When a call comes in or a parent walks up to the counter, it’s a great time-saver for staff to be able to manage the child’s details from either the family or class pages. With needed information in plain view at just a click, the parent isn’t kept waiting.

The Academy gives parents the online registration option but also welcomes phoned in enrollment. Each registration – whether generated from the website or a phone call – invokes a confirmation from Jackrabbit. This is a great reference email for staff to use to ensure that each parent gets a record of their registration.

Jackrabbit’s online features give the Academy an advantage in the professionalism with which they conduct their business. Security, privacy, speed and convenience give staff and parents a greater level confidence in each transaction and interaction.


Jackrabbit gives Kings Swim Academy the tools they need to answer parents’ questions accurately and quickly and to take care of the details of day-to-day tasks with efficiency.

“Jackrabbit is a time-saver for us and an invaluable resource for being informative and responsive to our parents. Jackrabbit also allows us to offer convenient options that present our school in a very professional and organized light.” – Joan Smith | Kings Swim Academy

“Support is amazing. We usually hear back from them within an hour – even when asking questions at 9pm at night! And the information that we get back is incredibly concise and gives us details that help us beyond just the basics of our questions.” — Shiloh Hurst | Kings Swim Academy

Photo Credit: Kings Swim Academy

Jackrabbit Addresses Worries Users Have About Online Registration

Worry #1: Classes will get overbooked and students will be registered for classes they aren’t ready for.

Jackrabbit’s online registration actually makes it easier to know what is going on with your classes and to control what is offered than paper and in-person registration processes.

  • Everyone can see class availabilities at the same time – and when it is convenient for them.
  • Class availabilities that parents see online are always up-to-date.
  • Parents have control over – and enter – their own information so details are more accurate.
  • You can pick and choose which of your classes you want to expose on your website or in your portal.

“We can offer registration directly from our web pages that update in real time as our classes fill.” Kathleen McCormick –

“Our customer satisfaction rose as online registration gave parents flexibility and freedom in checking class availabilities and making sure that their children got registered in the classes they wanted.” Suzanne Gerety –

Worry #2: It undermines the personal attention and relationships developed through face-to-face registrations.

Online registration practically eliminates the data entry and record-keeping tasks for class and family information.

  • Frees up time for more teaching and class planning.
  • Allows you, your instructors and your staff to talk to parents and students and classes and skills instead of payment and scheduling details.
  • Allows you to get to the activities that make a difference in expanding their studios.

“Online registration gives staff time-saving automation. It has been the biggest game changer for us because staff members are freed up to focus on students.” Patti Komara –

“The online registration feature was one of the driving forces behind our changing to Jackrabbit. When we implemented online registration, we immediately became 24/7, offering services to parents when they can best take advantage of them and constantly updating them with the information they want and need.”  John Kirk –

Worry #3: The information that goes into my database will not be complete or correct because I won’t have control over it.

There is no need to re-enter information because parents will initially enter their own details.

  • Parents want control over their data so they can make sure their information is complete. Errors could cause problems with their child’s class.
  • You never have to duplicate data for any reason. Up-to-date data is accessible by all users regardless of where they are when they access the system.
  • You and your staff have access to the data as soon as online registration is completed by parents.

“Online registration results in time-savings for staff and ecstatic parents. Our information is more accurate, we work more efficiently and effectively and our parents are thrilled with the modern online options we offer.” Terilynne Knox –

“The online registration process makes parents ecstatic. Class registration is simple to complete and available day or night. Staff members can pull up Jackrabbit’s dashboard each morning and check the new registrations that took place through the automated process.” Cindy Tonnesen –

Worry #4: It will be too complicated for office staff to set up, learn and manage and expensive and time-consuming to get all of our data and staff access to the system.

Jackrabbit’s online registration allows you and your staff to just watch the registrations roll in.

  • The only management that is required is the initial set-up of classes you want to offer online at the beginning of each session.
  • Videos and detailed web-based guides help you set up online registration on your website.
  • Online registration can be customized to make your online class availability exactly as you want it to appear.
  • You can watch your class and enrollment status from your Jackrabbit dashboard.  Your classes can actually fill while you sleep.

“Online registration eliminates headaches for owners and registrants. Jackrabbit allows us to operate in very professional way that has lasting impact on my staff and customers. Online processes, such as registration, turn previously time-consuming tasks into a few simple, click-through steps. We have tracked 10 hours in time savings per week just because of our use of online processes.” Amy Allen –

“We are able to offer our dance families on-line registration through our website, which helps us eliminate loads of paper (we have gone green!) and countless hours of inputting each dance family’s info.”  Michele Edwards –

Worry #5: It will be confusing for parents because they are accustomed to the way we do things now.

Online registration gives parents an option that fits in with the other online processes that they use.

  • Parents are accustomed to using online processes in almost every other part of their lives.
  • Parents love the convenience that online registration offers them.
  • Your classes are easier to offer to your families.
  • You immediately turn your studio into a 24/7 operation.
  • You have a distinct differentiator from your competitors.

“Online registration makes sign-ups easy for customers and for staff. On our first registration day, customers began hitting our site at 6am. By day’s end, we had many happy customers who were totally thrilled that we had implemented such an up-to-date, easy-to-use solution. Using Jackrabbit, we have been able to greatly reduce the time required to complete the entire registration process and we’ve increased data accuracy.”  Shari Longo –

“Online registration and the portal have made a big difference with parents. They control their own information and their own destinies because we give them the tools to manage their accounts at the best time and from the best place for them. That is a real differentiator!” Kyle Grussmeyer –

Worry #6: The extra cost is a hardship and it is difficult to determine exactly what it will be. How do I even know that having the system will be worth the cost?

The benefits of using online registration completely outweigh its cost.

  • Automation of the registration process gives you and your staff back significant hours that no longer are consumed by data entry and process management.
  • More registrations can be taken in a shorter amount of time – with no staff involvement.
  • You will attract new families to your studio with online registration’s conveniences.
  • Your parents’ will be happy with how much easier you are to do business with.

“Online registration is a feature that liberates all parties in the relationship. We have replaced what was once a painstaking, laborious process with automation – no lines, no waiting, no worries that classes listed are filled.” Kyle Grussmeyer –

“Online registration drastically reduces time/effort it takes to complete registrations and provides a competitive advantage in an early, easier process. During the registration process alone, Jackrabbit reduced the 144 hour effort that consumed three employees’ time by 50% and the improvement in customer service and parental happiness during the registration process is phenomenal.” Kelly Gaines –

Worry #7: We will be limited to the range of classes that we can offer and to any priority or preference we can offer to existing customers.

Using online registration gives you complete control over what you offer and when and how you offer it.

  • Online registration can be customized to offer all or part of your classes – it is totally your choice.
  • Early registration – along with priorities or preferences – can be offered to existing clients through your customer portal.
  • Choosing when you “turn on” registration to new students is up to you.
  • Registrations can be entered and held for “approval” if you want to screen students for particular classes.
  • You can easily monitor students coming through your online registration so that you can approve their registration or direct them to specific classes.
  • You can even have your own web developers customize the Jackrabbit’s online registration process to build in specific items that you want that we don’t offer.

“Online registration allows your existing customers to receive specials while it allows you to monitor the registrations as they come in. If you see a new client registration come in, you can move them to the end of the line on your end. Jackrabbit is amazing in giving you the option to make your ‘new student registration’ button inactive on your web page until your existing customers have had opportunity to choose their classes.” Brandy Wix –

Worry #8: It will make it difficult to offer discounts and special offers.

Online registration is very flexible and allows discounts, special offers and special classes to be applied during the process.

  • Flexible enough to accommodate special class or event registrations.
  • Can be customized to allow many types of discounts to be applied to individuals, groups or all.
  • Registration fields can be customized to capture or provide specialized information.

“Flexibility of Jackrabbit’s online registration allows for unique class or event registration circumstances. Jackrabbit’s system even allows us to address concerns of parents directly within the process with customizable areas for policies and rules.” Lane Clark –

“The change in using Jackrabbit has been so dramatic that in one area in particular – charging miscellaneous fees. We have reduced time to complete the process from 1.5 hours of staff time to a 5 minute process that I do from my iPhone!” Sean Sutton –

Worry #9: It takes my paper lists – that I’ve very accustomed to – away from me. Will I still be able to check on attendance if I have all of that information in the computer and not on a paper list?

Online registration provides easy online attendance that helps you to improve your processes.

  • Your computer information is current and will remain up-to-date – making it much more accurate and easy to maintain than a paper list.
  • You never need to re-enter information, so there is no chance for introducing errors after roll is taken.
  • Saves you paper (because you’re not printing out lists) – and that also saves you money.
  • Rolls can be printed out – if you really need them – in an easy and attractive format.

“Jackrabbit’s system still allows printing of rolls, which we still do even though we’re completely paperless otherwise. We have a plan in place to replace this process with iPads so instructors can take roll directly in Jackrabbit.” Brandy Wix –

“Jackrabbit has streamlined the way we take attendance. Using Jackrabbit on laptops and iPads has been a phenomenal addition to this process. Our instructors and managers love it because it creates more accurate records and allows them to always be real-time! We strive to be a totally paperless facility and Jackrabbit has been a catalyst in bringing us closer and closer to that goal in eliminating the paper attendance process.” John Kirk –

Worry #10: It will expose all of classes offered and the details about them to competitors. Won’t this be bad for my business?

Online registration exposes your class information in a good way.

  • Keeping your class information a secret only eliminates you as a choice because parents researching classes for their children online can’t see what you offer.
  • Your class details set you apart from your competitors in a good way.
  • Parent wants to see class choices, policies and forms online so not offering it would be a bad thing from their point of view.
  • It gives you a way to quickly and easily offer new things.
  • It makes doing business with your studio easy.

“We don’t think of online registration as giving competitors too much information, but as giving potential customers quicker access to information about our school.” Brandy Wix –


Online Options Give Charlotte Aquatics Distinct Advantage Over Competitors

Charlotte Aquatics was experiencing so much growth that Kelly couldn’t imagine continuing to manage the business with a paper and phone system. But she had initial concerns about costs, support and the transition process in implementing technology. She was also concerned that her initial lack of technology savvy might put her at a disadvantage.

“Every concern that I had vanished after trying the system out. That’s what is great about the free trial that Jackrabbit offers. It’s your data set up like you would really use it. After our ‘test,’ I knew that putting online registration in place for our school would be a game-changer for our operations.” Kelly Gaines, Charlotte Aquatics

CONSUMPTION OF STAFF TIME REDUCED BY ONLINE REGISTRATION | During the registration process alone, Jackrabbit reduced the 144 hour effort that consumed three employees’ time by 50%. And the process works flawlessly. It’s flexible enough to enable early registration to be offered and provides reporting to keep owners and managers updated with detailed statistics from every class.

“Regardless of where I am or what time registration opens, I know how enrollment is going from the alerts that I see in my Inbox. I don’t have to have to be immersed in the process to be in the know.” Kelly Gaines, Charlotte Aquatics

PARENTS’ THRILLED WITH ONLINE OPTIONS | The improvement in customer service and parental happiness during the registration process was phenomenal. Parents are immediately able to see class availability online. It eliminates the two- to three-day wait that they experienced with manual processes in getting responses about classes. Online registration allows the entire process to be transparent for parents. They still may not get their first choice of classes but they see all class status online and know that human error has not caused them to miss their first choice.

“Our parents are ecstatic about seeing everything online and having access to all of their information through the portal. Online registration allows the entire process to be transparent for them. They still may not get their first choice of classes, but they see the status of all classes online and know that human error has not caused them to miss their first choice. These perks definitely put us ahead of our competitors.” Kelly Gaines, Charlotte Aquatics

ORGANIZATION DETAILS | 1 location, 1100 swimmers, 12 instructors, Kelly Gaines, Owner & Big Fish