Feature Tips: Finding Families Taking Classes Outside Their Location

Did You Know …

You can find families who are taking classes outside of their location?

Let’s say you have quite a few students who go to other facilities of yours (besides the one that they initially registered in) to take special classes and you need a list of the families of these students.

You don’t see a report that says “Families Registered Outside of Their Locations” do you?

You can run the “Enrollment History” report, however, and this report gives you the families that you’re seeking.


How to Keep Up with Retention with Jackrabbit Reporting

Knowing how your student enrollment compares from Session to Session is HUGE! We have a report that can help you keep up with this easily and effortlessly. In Jackrabbit, this report is called the enrollment detail report. There are different filters to help narrow down the search results.

One important filter you can use is to search your historical enrollment by instructor. This option is a great tool to find effective instructors based on retention. Think of this report as Retention or Revenue Generating Staff.  Knowing who your top instructors are is very valuable information you can use to offer more classes by this instructor or less from another. You can also use it to engage instructors in incentive programs.

You can find this report in REPORTS > ENROLLMENT DETAIL. Set Active Classes Only=No, Current Student Status=[blank], & Current/Past Enrollments=All, along with other Search Criteria, for historical reporting.

To display a Student Summary (each student counts once) set Show Enrollment Details or Student Summary? = Student Summary.

To display an Enrollment Summary (a student in multiple classes counts for each class), set Show Enrollment Details or Student Summary? = Enrollment Details.


Adding a template will speed up the process for running this report. Set up the template for the first time and the next time you will just have to load the template ready to apply to your search.

Hint* To see all instructors on the same report just leave the instructor drop down blank.

Time-Saving Technology Transforms the Way Chicago Swim School Operates

The first swim season Buffy experienced as new owner of the Chicago Swim School was one filled with marathon-type hours of data entry and payment processing due to the lack of a technology support system that included online registration options. That season would be the only one Buffy would experience with no technology in place. Soon after the initial ordeal ended, Chicago Swim School implemented an automated system that offered parents online registration and a portal for opening up access for parents to make payments and manage account information.

“Jackrabbit provides several features and processes that boost the professionalism of our school to our staff and to our parents. We all have greater confidence in the accuracy and the security of the information in the system. And that is a great feeling to have as an owner!” Buffy Folise, Chicago Swim School

ONLINE REGISTRATION SAVES TIMES AND ELIMINATES CHAOS | When you’re enrolling more than 400 student manually time is not the only factor. Chaos ensues when papers fly about, payments process one behind the other, and eyes water from staring into computer screens. And later, as Buffy watched her enrollment soar past 1400, she couldn’t imagine even attempting to enroll students without online tools.

“Online registration changed our entire business. After seeing the reality of its advantages, we knew we could grow our enrollment without having to increase administrative staff. And the parent portal boosted each mom and dad’s confidence in the accuracy and security of our data.” Buffy Folise, Chicago Swim School

ABOVE AND BEYOND REGISTRATION | Online registration and payment options are often the stars of the technology show, but other features drive efficiencies even higher and help staff to break away from their computers. The Weekly View provides access to almost everything relevant to student and family accounts. Point of Sale shortens the schools retail processing time from one week to mere seconds and Time Clock gives staff an avenue for quickly entering work hours at any time from anywhere and those work hours are immediately available for simple and quick payroll processing.

“Online registration and payment are the glitz and glitter of the system but there are so many features in Jackrabbit beyond those that are true work horses for our school. They help our staff to leave the ‘processing business’ to the system and focus on what is most important to our students and families.” Buffy Folise, Chicago Swim School

ORGANIZATION DETAILS | 1 location, 1400 swimmers, 28 instructors, Buffy Folise, Owner


Jackrabbit Helps Multi-Location Swim School Streamline Scheduling and Enrollment Process

EVO Swim School
4 locations
2,546 swimmers 35 instructors
Owner, David Tait


In looking for a software system to manage his swim school, David Tait knew that it would be important for the software to accommodate some of the unique needs of a swim school. There are many students with lots of details that follow them – from parent info and payment methods to skill achievements and class history – that it would be a mistake to choose software that would need to be “adapted” before it could be used.


For EVO, Jackrabbit is a powerful set of tools designed to fit swim schools so it gave them the best potential for implementing with minimal workflow disruption. EVO’s first registrations were done manually, consuming many hours and creating a huge paper trail. This inspired EVO’s office manager, Wendy Mullen, to make it a priority for that year to have online registration up and running. She was delighted to see the time spent on each registration drop from 10 to 2 minutes and parents happily adopting their new online options. Parents enjoy control over their data and the 24/7 access that allows them to look at their account whenever it’s convenient. For Wendy and her staff, taking registration online streamlined their enrollment process and eliminated collections.

Being online has other benefits for EVO. All instructors – regardless of where they are teaching – can use laptops to take attendance and track skills as they are taking place.

EVO is experiencing growth but Jackrabbit has been able to scale to easily meet expansion needs without sacrificing functionality, bandwidth and speed – and without forcing them to taking a pricing hit for every additional location.


Jackrabbit offers EVO a platform that supports their day-to-day operations, the needs of their mobile staff and their growth and expansion without sacrifice.

“Jackrabbit gives us robust business tools in a system that is geared for swim schools and that has been important to how efficient we are with it and how much value it brings to the business. Our efficiency in scheduling and enrollment has improved dramatically and our parents are thrilled at the convenience and access our online options give them.” – David Tait | EVO Swim School

“Instructors being able to use laptops regardless of where they are teaching is huge. Data only has to be dealt with once and everything is real time because they are working directly in Jackrabbit.” — Wendy Mullen | EVO Swim School

Photo Credit: EVO Swim School

Jackrabbit Gives EyeLevel Owner Operational Automation and Knowledge to Grow into Franchise Leader

EyeLevel of Basking Ridge, Bridgewater, Hillsborough and Warren

4 locations, 300 students, 15 instructors

Owner, Kunal Mehta


Kunal was in search of a couple of capabilities in a management system for his four learning locations. He wanted a better way to collect fees and enroll students and thought that a system with a dynamic database would made tracking his data simpler and much more accurate.


Kunal had been using Excel spreadsheets to manage his data and so – of course – making the change to a comprehensive online management system was a bit intimidating. However, Kunal knew the benefits for making the change and a little change anxiety wasn’t a deterrent. Automation in key areas is what Kunal was expecting and Jackrabbit delivered it, greatly simplifying both his enrollment and payment processing.

The bonus for Kunal as owner was the database and dashboard. The knowledge that he now has of his four locations is presented clearly and accurately in his dashboard – giving him all key performance indicators for his businesses. Reports in Jackrabbit provide specific data about the areas in each location that can change daily – such as enrollment, attendance, payment status. Kunal’s new quality of data enabled him to improve decision making and to lead his four locations to earn the spot as the leading franchises among all EyeLevel franchises.


Jackrabbit gives owners in multi-location situations access to powerful reports that can help in decision making and automated tools that make running multiple locations less complex and time-consuming.

“Jackrabbit makes a tremendous difference in the way we operate and the way I make decisions by eliminating manual tasks with automation and opening up my data to me.”  — Kunal Mehta, EyeLevel Bridgewater

Jackrabbit Enables Drama Kids to Manage Enrollment of Students Across an Entire Elementary School System

Drama Kids Las Vegas

Mobile – Delivering curriculum to elementary schools, 700 students, 12 instructors

Owner, Tina Nowak


Tina’s challenge is to provide a convenience way for parents to register and pay for drama classes for their children. Because she and her teachers travel around to the elementary schools in the Las Vegas area, it would be virtually impossible to provide convenient and accurate enrollment and payment processes without an online system.


Jackrabbit, used exclusively by DramaKids franchises, provides a convenient, accurate and secure way for them to offer and manage their classes and payments. It also gives corporate consistency across all franchise data.

Online registration allows Tina and her staff to keep their sanity throughout each enrollment season. The information from all students across all locations would be impossible to manage manually. By offering parents registration and account access online, they take care of almost all data entry themselves. Because each school has different class details, a small amount of data requires input, however, it is minor compared to the complexity a totally manual process would present. Auto-pay features quickly collect all of Tina’s billing so that collections processes are eliminated and cash flow is smooth and predictable.

Reporting features are critical. In just a few minutes, Tina can produce very detailed reports that would otherwise take several days to compile.


Jackrabbit’s online tools help mobile drama class instructors manage classes provided in district-wide elementary schools.

“We could not live without online registration. It makes providing classes to a dispersed student base even possible. It makes us more efficient, more professional and more up-to-date. We do everything online and parents expect that.”  

— Tina Nowak, Drama Kids Las Vegas


Exciting News from Little Otter Swim School! A New Location is Coming…

Long-time clients and friends, John and Lory Kirk have broken ground on a new swim school that will add a second location in the Charlotte area! This is so exciting and we congratulate them on their success and exciting future.

We love to hear that clients are thriving and looking for ways to expand the life-changing learning experiences they provide to children.

A large contingent of our team was there to share in Little Otter’s milestone and to see John and Lory pitch a few shovels of dirt in celebration of the beginning of a new relationship with the Huntersville community. You can also see by the picture here that Little Otter had quite a few members of its Little Otter “South” team in attendance and waiting for the chance to pitch dirt too! Jackrabbit is also excited because this also makes Little Otter a neighbor since Jackrabbit’s headquarters is just a few miles from the new Little Otter Swim School site.

John and Lory bring passion to the lessons that they provide and are thrilled to have been able to design Little Otter “North” as their sort of dream facility. They’ve been able to travel the country (actually, the world) to see the most innovative and successful swim schools and bring back to their drawing board the best of what they have seen and heard.

They will use green technology in lighting, heating and cooling the facility and will have retractable panels that will allow fresh are to infuse the pool area when the weather permits. When you combine that with the paperless processes that Jackrabbit enables them to deploy, you can clearly see that theirs will be a very environmentally aware facility.

John and Lory are savvy users of the Jackrabbit system and have used it to help make a great experience for not only the children they teach but also for the parents that choose them to educate their children about swimming and water safety.

Again – Congrats Little Otter! Jackrabbit can’t wait to celebrate your grand opening and your first enrollment at Little Otter North!


Today’s Enhancement: Enrollment Details for Makeups

Enrollment Details popup now includes a “Makeup” and “Adjusted Openings” column

The enhancement for Makeups includes the following:

* Allows org to decide if they want Makeups to effect Openings

* The new Adjusted Openings formula: Openings – Future Enrolls + Future Drops – Makeups + Waitlists (if all of these are checked in the Web Reg settings).

* Alerts user when about to overbook

* Web Reg and Portal will not display a class if openings are 0 or less than 0.


Example: I want my database to take makeups into account for my openings.

1. I turn on my webreg/portal Makeup setting (WebReg settings):


2. I verify my “Class Size Makeup Limit” = 0 (Edit Settings):


3. I have a student who wants to enroll in my Preschool I Dance class. I go to the weekly calendar and see what’s available:


4. I choose the Preschool I Dance class and I get the overbooking alert:


5. I click “OK” and then select a student. I then see (new popup all orgs see today):


6. Web Registration class search:


7. Portal class search:



Tips from Customer Support: Easier Retention Analysis

The Enrollment Detail Report has been enhanced to allow for easier retention analysis!

Now you can get a report of who was enrolled in a previous session, but who is not enrolled in the current or upcoming session.

Here’s how to set your criteria:
Enrolled in Session: Previous session name
Not Enrolled in Session: Current or Upcoming session name
Instructor: Blank (for program-wide retention analysis. Individual teacher names provide analysis by teacher)
Active Classes Only: No
Current Student Status: Blank (to pull in all students who are not yet enrolled in your new session)
Show Enrollments: All (completed, drops)
Enrollment Through Date: Date in your last sessions enrollment period  (to help eliminate having students on the report who dropped out earlier in the year)Show Enrollment Details or Student Summary: Student Summary

Theresa Case of Piano Central comments:

“The enhancement made to Enrollment Reporting is extremely helpful and will: 1) Save me time and 2) Help me keep an even better pulse on my business. In my opinion, this kind of reporting is another huge plus of using Jackrabbit!”

Tips from Customer Support: Re-Enrollment for Upcoming Sessions

Want to see re-enrollment for your upcoming session?

When NEW sessions are starting, support is often asked the question:

“How can I see a list of people currently enrolled in this session who registered for next session?  Is this possible?”

Jackrabbit’s reporting capability is very powerful especially when you consider a few “tricks of the trade”.  Sometimes there is not a report that is named specifically for the result you want to achieve, but that does not mean it is not available.  For example, there is no report called “re-enrollment”, but there is a report called the ENROLLMENT DETAIL report.  By using this report and running it in two different formats you can COMPARE information from one session to the next.

Here is an example of HOW to determine the amount of re-enrollment for two ACTIVE sessions:


From the Reports menu go to the ENROLLMENT DETAIL REPORT and use the following criteria (keep it SIMPLE).  Run it once for the First Session and then again for the upcoming session.
The Resulting output looks something like this:


Once you have your two reports (one for each session) and send them to Excel you can match up the last name column to see who has “re-enrolled”.

There is a little time involved in this process, but if you do it weekly or daily during registration time you can narrow down the list of names by using the ENROLLED FROM DATE on the new session report to find people that match to the prior session.

Remember to also check out the Jackrabbit User Guide on ARCHIVING sessions and COPYING classes to make your transition period a successful one!