20 Ideas for Great Customer Service Volume 3

The last two weeks I emailed you 40 ideas for great customer service. This list makes a total of 60 ideas! I hope you got a few new customer service concepts to put into your gym. Some readers have emailed and asked me specifics on some of the ideas. All the ideas are discussed in detail in DVD #152 and I show samples in the accompanying book. Click below to check them out. Let me here from you if you were able to use some of these.
  1. Preschool parent exchange- At the end of a Parent & Tot Class, sit around and ask parents to share their ideas on various parenting topics such as toilet training, etc.
  2. Holiday cards in mail
  3. Thank you notes
  4. Get well cards
  5. Offer babysitting for siblings during parent and tot classes
  6. Give DVDs of their class for Christmas to the Parent and Tot Class
  7. PapaBear Night-a special open gym just for the kids and the Dads
  8. Mothers’ Day appreciation week (flowers, chocolates, candy, or cards)
  9. Speakers at your gym (policeman, fireman, nutritionist)
  10. Photos you take in class-e-mail to parents
  11. Business card bulletin board for members only
  12. $5 off appreciation coupon/send at least 20 per month to various customers
  13. List of moms and children’s names to class members (no phone numbers)
  14. Use their names in class
  15. Notice new hair style, nice outfit, new car
  16. Send baby cards, sympathy, thinking of you, etc
  17. Under promise and over deliver
  18. Backs and cushions on bleachers—make it comfortable for parents to stay and watch
  19. Clean bathrooms with diaper changing table, extra toilet paper, tampon container
  20. Air fresheners throughout the gym
  • Think relationships!
  • It’s in the details when running a business. The smallest effort sometimes can bring the biggest reward.
  • Dissect each move a parent and child makes in your business. How can you improve each of those experiences?These ideas are part of #152 Unbeatable Customer Service and are all explained in complete detail. Click here to purchase as an instant download. Prefer hard copy? Click here

20 Great Customer Service Ideas – Vol II.

20 Great Customer Service Ideas-Volume 2

Last week I gave you 20 ideas. Here is the next 20! I received a lot of positive comments from the e-blast I sent last week. I hope all of you get ideas from this list, too. Look for the final 20 ideas in your inbox next Tuesday.

  1. Have a Parent Handbook. Nothing causes more problems down the road with a customer than if they have a problem, there was a policy and they didn’t know it.
  2. Post class interaction with mom of a new student  including complimenting their child on something from class… either a gymnastics skill or a social skill. Parents always love to hear their child behaved well in class!
  3. Eyes taped to forehead first day-must look enthusiastic. If you love teaching, remember to tell your face!
  4. Start class on time and finish on time—parents have places to go!
  5. Joiner call-within a day or two call the parents and ask how the child liked the class and review main policies of your gym like paying tuition and make-ups
  6. “Glad you could join us” postcard sent to the child the day after their first class
  7. I spent $300 last year on magazines for parents in the lobby (watch your image, suggestions-Christian Parenting, Parents, Baby, Cat Fancy, Sports Illustrated, ESPN)
  8. “Missed you” phone call when a student misses two or more classes
  9. Bounce back postcard sent to non-currents asking them to return and give them an incentive such as ½ off
  10. Appreciation coupon for parents such as $10 off tuition for nice gestures such as bringing the staff cookies, suggestions for the gym, or if they’re upset about something you made them feel better
  11. Birthday card sent in the mail for each child
  12. Daily postcards to students complimenting their good work—each teacher should send at least one every time they teach. The gym pays for postcards and postage.
  13. Postcard sent to their home after they got to ring the bell in the gym, because they achieved one of the main skills
  14. Birthday bulletin board changed monthly with just first names of kids and their day
  15. Lesson plan logic bulletin board with clear explanations of the “whys” of the class to help educate the parents. The more they understand why you are doing a drill or activity the more they will talk about you to their friends.
  16. Staff photos and bio of each staff person on a bulletin board
  17. Send an anniversary card to the parents for each year they stay with you and offer them a special gift the next time they come in
  18. Call the parent the same day that a child needed an ice bag, cries, or is having trouble in class
  19. No hassle refunds. If they want their money back, give it to them. You want them to return or at least pass on the good word that you care more about them than money.
  20. Graduation certificate or a trophy when a student moves to a new level
  • What gets measured gets done. Ask how you’re doing in person and in surveys.
  • Disney says, “Wrap an experience around a service transaction.”
  • Think relationships!

These ideas are part of #152 Unbeatable Customer Service and are  explained in complete detail. Click here to purchase as an instant download. Prefer hard copy? Click here. Look for Volume 3, the final edition, of this series in your inbox next Tuesday.

20 Great Customer Service Ideas – Vol I.

No business can succeed without outstanding customer service. As the saying goes, it’s not a department, it’s an attitude. I’ve listed 60 ideas and broken it into three volumes. You will receive Volume 2 & 3 the next two Tuesdays.

  1. Friendly, knowledgeable people answering phones and manning the front desk 12 hours a day. Don’t have an automated service, but instead wow them with at least four lines, message on hold, and friendly short voicemail.
  2. Web page updated at least every Friday and when new info becomes available
  3. Your sign in front of your building has to be good!
  4. Spend money on things like flowers outside
  5. Add a canopy on your building so kids won’t get wet when dropped off
  6. New student checklist for the front desk to know who is new that day
  7. Give parents a lesson confirmation card upon enrolling with all important info needed for the first day
  8. Get up and open door if a mother has a stroller or carrying babies
  9. Greet everyone, even if on the phone, whoever enters the door –know names of new and old customers
  10. Same desk person every week and have front desk person involved in themes. They can wear leis, witch’s hats. etc.
  11. Say, “goodbye and thanks for coming” to all who leave
  12. Nametags out for new child and a child in a makeup
  13. Introduction of class theme, and review at the end for the parents!
  14. Money back guarantee
  15. Free trial classes available for those “fence-sitters”
  16. Video clips of all classes on website
  17. Encourage free tour and class placement
  18. Referral payment $20 (sometimes offer Double Referral Month!)
  19. Make-up reminder cards
  20. Unlimited make-ups in spring and summer

Bonus: Dress code reminder cards for those students who aren’t wearing what you want in class


  • Think relationships!
  • Sweat the small stuff and if a parent wants something, give it to them.
  • Create happiness at every touch point in your business.
Great customer service is a work in progess. There is always time to make a child feel special or impress a parent.  Need More Help? Click here to purchse #167 Customer Service Systems That Make a Dramatic Difference in Retention as an instant video download. Prefer hard copy? Click here.

Front Office Customer Service Tips

Frank Sahlein – Children’s Activity Center owner and business consultant – offers tips on providing great customer service.

Here are some Quick Customer Service Tips:

  • Keep it real! Short of a personal family emergency, there is nothing more important than the customer who is either standing right in front of you, on the phone or on hold, or the one waiting on an email response.
  • Always greet everyone that comes in the door, by name if at all possible.
  • Don’t keep customers waiting.  When they approach the desk, say “Hi, how may I help you?”
  • Be proactive with customers. Please don’t wait for them to ask for help.
  • Remember that personal phone calls or office work needs to wait if you have a customer that needs help.
  • Please keep personal calls to a minimum and NEVER answer your cell phone while on the business phone or helping a customer.
  • I am sure that you sound great on the phone. If you do, or you have someone in your organization that DOES a great job, have them train everyone!
  • If you need to find something out or talk with someone else to help the customer, please put them on hold to find out the info, and complete the circuit by getting back to them quickly.
  • Be sure to check phone messages as soon as you see the light blinking and return the call right away.
  • Pitch in to help when the phones are busy. It is better to have a live person answer than to put the customer into phone answering loop prison!
  • Always try to answer the phone on the 1st ring.  Never let the phone ring while you are talking with a staff member/on a personal call.
  • Remember to always treat the customer as you want to be treated.  It’s hard with some customers, but just fake it with them.

And – of course – Continue to give AWESOME service both on the phone and in person.

– Frank Sahlein helps owners and managers of children’s activity centers develop and grow their businesses through 3rd Level Consulting,, (208) 869-3656.