How do you turn 2 minutes into $2K?

Easy answer: A feature called Time Clock that Jackrabbit offers to users of its system – for free.

One of our customers calculated that Time Clock saves them 2 minutes per customer per day. Apply some pretty simple math and that mere 2 minutes per customers grows into a $2,000 savings over the course of a year.  How much simpler – and more awesome – can that be?


Arduous time sheets are out of the equation.

Time Clock really changes the way you operate your office. Your staff’s energy doesn’t have to be soaked up gathering and entering payroll details that are more easily, quickly and accurately accomplished using technology.

Now you’re talking convenience!

Take your process remote. Your employees can input “time sheet” hours from anywhere using their phone or any computer with browser access anytime up to the moment payroll is actually processed.

Maintain control.

Quickly glance down your employee “time sheet” entries and spot inconsistencies. Just because it is quick, easy and convenient, doesn’t mean you lose control over it! You maintain ultimate approval over what your employees input before you pay them.

Find out more about Jackrabbit’s game-changing Time Clock. A customer’s viewpoint.

Time Clock Training Videos

Jackrabbit is Catalyst for Productivity and Growth for Bart Conner Gymnastics

1 location, 1200 students, 25 instructors

Director, Ben Fox


Ben wanted a system for Bart Conner Gymnastics that wouldn’t require constant upgrade purchases and retraining and the convenience of web access. He just didn’t want to jump through hoops to make a change. He imagined a complex, painful migration process where data loss – and many headaches – were probable.


Jackrabbit’s benefits were attractive enough for Ben to make the leap to a web-based system. He was relieved to find that he needed very little help to have his system working with customized tabs and fields and online registration embedded into the Bart Conner Gymnastics website.

Ben was concerned with the data security of a web-based system but after reviewing the highly secure Jackrabbit model, he was more than satisfied that their business data – and customers’ personal data – would be secure.

Jackrabbit’s system is housed in the same facility used by some of the world’s largest banks, is protected by multiple layers of security, is maintained 24/7 and is backed-up in ways that that individual gyms could never afford.

In addition to tremendous confidence in the system’s integrity, Ben found the convenience of data summaries and reports, automated processes and streamlined tasks to be catalysts for productivity and growth.


Jackrabbit has been the catalyst that Ben Fox has wanted to propel productivity and inspire growth for Bart Conner Gymnastics. The system’s web-based platform makes its maintenance and operation worry-free, hassle-free and budgetable.

“Jackrabbit’s Executive Dashboard gives me the information I need in one screen, providing a clear picture of where my focus should be every day. My ability to drill down from the Dashboard into details is a time-saver.” — Ben Fox, Bart Conner Gymnastics

Jackrabbit Flexibility Allows Customization to Accompany Automation and Convenience

All Star Legacy

3 locations, 500 students with seasonal increases, 25 instructors

Owner, Kyle Grussmeyer


Kyle needed business management software that would provide details of his financials and classes quickly and effectively, but his billing needs didn’t fit the typical class management solution because of of his unique seasonal classes. He became more optimistic when a couple other competitive cheer business owners recommended Jackrabbit to him.


For Kyle, putting Jackrabbit in place took a little help from Jackrabbit’s support team to make the few tweaks necessary to have everything he needed up and running – including his unique class offerings and billing needs. Jackrabbit is unique among business and class management solutions in its flexibility and customizable features and this is what makes the system great for competitive cheer and dance organizations whose class and billing formats are more complex than other class-based organizations and allows them to reap the benefits of freedom from daily repetitive tasks and data entry.

With his reports, Kyle can see and understand his financial status – at the location or entire business level – without requesting information from his accountant. Online registration liberates all staff and customers. Jackrabbit replaces what was a painstaking, laborious process with automation while parents enjoy the ability to register at their own convenience.


Jackrabbit provides flexible yet powerful reporting and benefits of customization and automation to organization with unique needs.

“Jackrabbit’s portal and online registration allow parents to control their own information because we give them the tools to manage their accounts at the best time and from the best place for them. That is a real differentiator.”  — Kyle Grussmeyer, All Star Legacy

Jackrabbit Enables Schools to Give Parents Convenience and Staff Highly Efficient Tools

Bubbles to Butterflies Swim School

2 locations, 1 indoor and 1 outdoor, 1491 students, 20 instructors

Owner, Margee Charron


Bubbles to Butterflies needed to implement a class management solution to get a better handle on business information. Otherwise they will continue to struggle with maintaining an accurate view of data across key areas of the business such as student information and scheduling and payment details.


Jackrabbit enables Margee to manage her business from anywhere she can access a browser. And many of her key processes are simpler in Jackrabbit – such as registering students, tracking enrollment and financials and managing multiple classes.

Margee’s customers enjoy online registration and the customer portal because everything they need is available to them whenever they want to access it. Online features enable the office team to quickly push all sorts of information out to parents in one step instead of making time-consuming phone calls to each parent.

Jackrabbit has made it possible for Bubbles to Butterflies to vastly reduce their use of printed records and cut costs of office processes. The team now has a “green” approach to doing business.

Jackrabbit also helps the Bubbles to Butterflies team get more done within their busy schedules because multiple people are working simultaneously in a system that maintains real time data.


Jackrabbit’s online features and web-based platform has helped Bubbles to Butterflies improve access to information and processes for parents, productivity for staff and cost savings to operations.

“Putting Jackrabbit in place for our class management needs has enabled our business to be more efficient in many ways that impact our customer service and our bottom line.” — Margee Charron, Bubbles to Butterflies Swim School