Integrated Solution Makes Sense for Gyms That Take Their Payroll Processing Seriously

Jon Aardema of Gymnastics Academy of Atlanta talks about using ExpressPayroll in conjunction with Jackrabbit’s Time Clock.

Using ExpressPayroll in conjunction with Jackrabbit helps your business by:

  • Taking the worries and hassles of payroll out of your hair.
  • Eliminating concerns about payment of withholding taxes and tallying end-of-year tax totals.
  • Making time entry more accommodating to employees preferences and schedules.
  • Giving employees a payment process that they can depend on for accuracy and timeliness.

A Smooth Start

Set up with the Time Clock features in Jackrabbit and payroll details through ExpressPayroll is self-explanatory.

It’s easy for owners or managers to get started. The number of hourly rates and types of employees you have determine how you set up the details.

The interface for entering time is intuitive for employees. It’s web-based and mobile-friendly and gives them tremendously flexibility in entering work hours from wherever they are.

“Obviously all of our gyms don’t operate in the same way so being able to fit the system around the tracking and payment needs that your organization and your employees demand is critical. It’s so straightforward and simple that both groups ‘get it’ in a heartbeat.”

Rewards to Reap

Jon’s staff previously filled out time sheets that he tracked in Excel. As the gym – and the staff – grew, there was no way that Jon could continue to use such a time-consuming process to produce payroll.  His interruption-wrought afternoons are not the setting that would allow him to take on a process that is frustrating for him and surely more time-consuming than it needs to be.

“The integrated process puts Jackrabbit’s Time Clock in charge of time management and turns the time entry process into an employee implemented one. The Time Clock allows me to simply check and approve time entries. Hourly ‘budgets’ are set so that I immediately know when enough or too few hours have been worked. I can even email the employee about the discrepancies directly from the interface. The entire process is quite magical!”

Beyond the rewards Jon reaps from getting rid of time sheets and using an “integrated payroll system,” he enjoys end-of-year services that make tax filings painless.

“My expertise is the gym. Payroll is not where I’d prefer to spend my time because each process is a challenge for me. By using the integrated Jackrabbit-ExpressPayroll solution, I can hand off the entire process and concentrate on my business. One of the biggest worries that ExpressPayroll eliminates for me is payment and tracking of withholding taxes. I can rest easy in knowing that this critical component is taken care of by those whose understand the laws, the requirements and the forms.”

Jon isn’t the only one who benefits from this process. Employees have access to do more than enter time. They can self-serve their pay stubs and end of year earnings without the need to ask staff for help in getting to their information.

“Employees can see their pay stubs anytime they need to by logging into ExpressPayroll’s portal. When W-2s are available, employees can log in and print their own forms. This makes it easy for employees and liberating for the gym’s staff since they are no longer the sole resource for that information for employees.”

One Click and Done

The only thing left to do after confirming employee time entries is clicking the Export to Payroll function!

After that click, consider your payroll done because ExpressPayroll is awaiting your export to tally your payroll – according to rate specific hours – and to ensure that each employee is paid for everything they earn and only what they earn. Every detail is analyzed and executed so that your organization is always on-time, up-to-date, accurate and compliant.

No hassles. No worries.

“The integrated solution is a beautiful thing. Jackrabbit’s Time Clock works flawlessly with ExpressPayroll’s systems and the ExpressPayroll folks know Jackrabbit so well that every aspect of the process is seamless.”

HR Tasks that Require Management

The majority of U.S. companies are considered to be small to medium businesses. But small doesn’t mean that they can afford to ignore the functions associated with managing human resources. There are laws and regulations that must be complied with at various stages of headcount size. However, once an organization expands from the first to the second employee, the situation starts to get exponentially more complex. Whether a company is newly formed or seeking to expand its workforce, there is a foundation that should be formed for equitably and effectively managing human resources.

In that foundation, consider the following:

  • Legal Compliance
  • Administration
  • Cultural Formation
  • Minimizing Liabilities/Exposures

Legal Compliance
What MUST you do to be in legal compliance with respect to your human resources? The answer to this varies by state and by headcount. Rather small organizations have fewer concerns when it comes to compliance related measures but size does not exempt ignorance so you will want to research the basic requirements.

Several sites that provide that guidance include:

As for administration, you’ve heard about the importance of documentation. At an even more basic level, make certain that you create an organized filing system to retain hard copies of necessary documents for each employee. Ideally, each employee will have two personnel files; one for new hire documents and subsequent performance related materials and a second for any medically pertinent information (insurance enrollment forms, doctor’s notes). Additionally, you will want to create a separate binder or folder to contain I-9 forms for both current and past employees. Efforts at creating the appropriate organization and administration elements will relieve stress and anxiety as well as serve to limit liability.

Cultural Formation
Most of your culture is actually established and shaped through human resource related policies and actions. From the moment you first hang the required state and federal labor law posters to when you feel compelled to draft your initial employee handbook, you are communicating your intentions and expectations to your employees. How you draft these documents and implement them can either have your employees feeling micromanaged or empowered. The manner in which you communicate information to your employees sets a tone that should be supported by every personal interaction you have with employees. You have the opportunity with every written and personal communication to reinforce the type of culture desired.

Minimizing Liabilities/Exposures
Minimizing your company’s liability is actually accomplished through a multitude of efforts that include compliance, communication, documentation and common sense. Knowing what is required of your organization at its present size is the initial step to limit exposure to not only basic complaints but more complicated liability issues.

From there, give consideration to how you communicate with your employees and be aware that every verbal and written interaction can either increase or decrease your liability where employee relations are concerned. Whether you need to take notes on a napkin or eloquently document an incident or conversation electronically, make every attempt to capture details and pertinent information.

Lastly, never discount the notion of common sense in your decision-making, communications and employee relations. It is often your most valuable tool.