Jackrabbit’s Centralized Tools and Processes Help Wolfies Become More Organized

Wolfies Swim School
1 location plus seasonal contract work with Rice University
300 – 450 swimmers, with seasonal swing, 11-12 instructors
Owner, Cindy Wolf Meador


Wolfies met daily challenges with its existing software. It really was a confusing mess that lacked centralized data management and organizational tools that the staff needed. And when issues arose – which was often – customer support just didn’t come through. Wolfies also still used some old-school processes that didn’t allow for any type of process efficiencies.


Wolfies’ referral to Jackrabbit was a random suggestion from an Apple Store associate. Since then nothing about the solution has been random. In fact, it is the software that office manager Leigh Harper attributes with the staff’s recent organizational improvements. Easy scheduling within Jackrabbit has improved time management for staff and automatic payment processing has given Leigh complete control over cash flow and collections. Jackrabbit centralizes everything in one spot so finding information and accomplishing tasks is quicker and easier than ever before.

Jackrabbit gives Wolfies a professional edge. Parents have more confidence in the school’s processes and information and they enjoy seeing all of the details of their account in a user-friendly and useful portal that is available to them 24/7.


Jackrabbit provides Wolfies Swim School with the structure and organization that was missing with its previous software. Simply being able to create records and have a history for reference has changed the confidence staff has in answering parents’ questions.

“Jackrabbit implements standardization and centralization into our operations and then allows us the flexibility to modify items to fit unique details about our school.” – Cindy Meador Wolf | Wolfies Swim School

“Jackrabbit has given us amazing tools for keeping ourselves organized. We can now track everything we do and all of the transactions that take place. We can easily provide accurate information without scurrying around to multiple applications and notebooks to piece together details. The speed and accuracy makes our staff and our customers happy.” — Leigh Harper | Wolfies Swim School

Photo Credit: Wolfies Swim School

Jackrabbit’s Flexibility Accommodates Multiple Ways Swim Students Need to be Managed

Coach Eve Learn to Swim
Multiple mobile locations
500/12,000 students, 30/60 instructors, with seasonal swing
Owner, Coach Eve


Coach Eve needed software that would allow her great flexibility to manage her own swim students who paid monthly and the data details for students of the organizations that contract her to teach lessons at their facilities. With such varying needs, could Coach Eve possibly find a single solution to manage everything?


Jackrabbit can accommodate the needs of Coach Eve’s two business models. The software allows for manipulation that meets needs that are very unique to the way she works and needs to supply information to her contracting organizations. Coach Eve provides reporting to each organization that reflects each student’s progress and how long it takes them to make it. Coach Eve quickly pulls this information from Jackrabbit and gives organizations such as rec centers, schools and swim teams very detailed statistical data that they need for future decisions making.

Coach Eve works just as efficiently and effectively managing her regularly scheduled students in Jackrabbit. To these families, Coach Eve provides online registration and sets up automatic payment processes so monthly payments easy for parents to make and for her to collect.

Regardless of where Coach Eve’s instructors are teaching, they use iPads to streamline the flow of data directly into Jackrabbit’s database. This makes the collection of more accurate data quick and simple.


Jackrabbit gives Coach Eve a flexible, centralized system to manage two different teaching models. Student and class data is managed as simply and effectively as revenue information and when Coach Eve needs to offer online registration and automated payment methods, she can.

“Our set up is rather an oddity. But the options that Jackrabbit offers for manipulating the system to meet our specific needs is amazing. We can manage incredibly granular detail for the organizations we teach for and we can manage our revenue and understand exactly where it was generated. We find it very valuable – and we’re discovering more and more value every day.” — Coach Eve | Coach Eve Learn to Swim

Photo Credit: © All rights reserved by András Horányi-Névy Photos