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Jackrabbit’s Friday Five: What should you consider for your summer camps in 2021?

It’s time for another Jackrabbit Friday Five! And this month, we’re talking about what summer camps look like for 2021.

We know that summer camps are a great way to keep income flowing during the summer months for your youth activity center. Whether you have themes for each week, incorporate games and other activities, or a little bit of both – you know that it’s a great opportunity for current students to stay active as well as a great time for new students to get involved with your program. Being on your A-game for summer camps is super important so let’s look at some things you should consider for camps happening this summer.

5 things you should consider for summer camps

What are your teacher-to-student ratios in the new normal?

If there’s one thing we learned last year, it’s that things can change in a month, week, day, or even by the hour. Plan for what your local restrictions are now and determine what your teacher-to-student ratio should be to safely host your summer camps. It’s never a bad idea to have a backup plan or two in your back pocket as well.

As restrictions change, you can add more openings to your camps and bring in more teachers as needed. With Jackrabbit, it’s easy to start a waitlist as your camps fill up (and they will) so you can contact those families as soon as you are able to increase the size of your camps!

Do you have online registration setup for your summer camps?

No matter how you decide to set your camps up, one thing is true – online registration is a must! The days of people coming into your building to sign up are long gone. Contactless registration is a sure way to get your camps filled so parents can register at their convenience and pay for the camps to lock in their spots.

Here at Jackrabbit, we have a team of website integration specialists that can help you put your best foot forward when presenting your summer camps on your website so registration is easy and efficient for all families, new and existing. (—> Connect with Jackrabbit’s website integration experts)

How are you promoting your summer camps?

Ok – you’ve got your camps set up in Jackrabbit and you’ve got them on your website so now you have to start promotion. Why not take advantage of low-cost advertising to promote your summer camps this spring?

  • Social media: you can’t go wrong here. Let your friends and fans know what you are offering for summer camps with a call-to-action to register now.
  • Snail mail: during a time where everyone’s inbox is flooded with emails, why not send real mail? Design a postcard with a QR code that takes them right to your website to register.
  • Partner with local businesses: small businesses have to stick together. Reach out to a local business or two and cross-promote with posters or flyers. That’s a win-win many people wouldn’t turn down!

Have you considered a hybrid model for summer camps?

Through all of the dance studios and gym owners I have talked to, one thing is clear – not all families are comfortable returning to in-person classes yet. Everyone is in a different place with the new normal but that doesn’t mean they are ready to stop interacting with your program.

Is it possible to offer your summer camps both in-person and virtually? If families are staying at home, they are likely looking for something for their young kids to do safely throughout the summer while school is out. For those that want to participate virtually, create camp bags for them to pick up so they can participate in games and crafts alongside the campers who are attending in-person.

Are you managing the summer camp schedule efficiently?

As your summer camp program grows, it’s important to manage your camp schedule efficiently. Whether summer camps are the only thing you have on the schedule or you’re balancing intensives, team rehearsals, or space rentals at the same time – it’s important to make sure your schedule is solid.

With Jackrabbit’s multiple calendar views, you can ensure that rooms and instructors aren’t double-booked. (—>Learn more about how Jackrabbit’s calendar views can help you manage schedules)


There’s a lot of planning that goes into a successful summer camp program. Comment below and tell us what new things you are trying for your camps this summer!

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