Fall Back. Check your setting in Jackrabbit before Sunday, November 6th.

Fall Back: Steps for Daylight Savings in Jackrabbit

It’s almost time to Fall Back for Daylight Savings! It is very important to do make sure this for your Time Clock settings!

Take a few minutes to check your Time Settings in Jackrabbit before the time officially changes in the wee morning hours of Sunday November 6!

There are only TWO quick and easy steps! Contact our Support Team if you need more assistance!

Step 1: Login to Jackrabbit and find Tools on the Menu bar. Click Edit Settings –


Step 2: Scroll to the bottom of the page – 

Click Observe Daylight Savings [make sure you see the check mark]

Confirm the dates for daylight savings are correct – 3/13/2016 – 11/6/2016



Click on Save Changes at the top of the Settings page

Log out of your database to make the changes take effect



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