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Where Do Speed and Performance Issues Originate?

Jackrabbit sporadically sees performance comments via our Facebook Users Group or Support Tickets that include “Why is Jackrabbit running slowly?” and “Why do pages in Jackrabbit take a long time to load?”

We hear you!

We understand that Jackrabbit is essential to your business and that – regardless of the cause – performance issues affect your business operations. That is precisely why we want to share some facts with you about our operations and the factors that impact how Jackrabbit performs in your facility.

The Jackrabbit application operates at its optimal performance level 24/7.

Jackrabbit’s servers are located in our headquarters city of Charlotte, NC and are hosted and managed by one of the top hosting facilities in the country.  There is a team of operational experts tasked with ensuring that our servers are consistently running at peak efficiency.  Our development team is notified of any issues or outages and proactively addresses them as they happen. Our team also monitors our server output 24/7.

Your use of Jackrabbit can be affected by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) pipelines.

Since Jackrabbit is an online service, the quality of your Internet connection plays a part in your access to Jackrabbit. The type of pipeline you have is a factor.  For example:  Many of you may be on a Cable Network or restricted to only one network option for your specific area.  Speed issues seem to become apparent during the evening hours when the pipeline of your cable network is being taxed by people coming home from work, starting up Netflix and using the internet.  Imagine the interstate on a long weekend.

You may find that another site may work fine while Jackrabbit is slow. A site such as Amazon has servers all over the world while Jackrabbit has servers in our one location. Amazon can spread traffic from its customers across its many servers – even directing you to the server closest to your area. Jackrabbit obviously isn’t as large as Amazon and doesn’t have the usage demand for a network of multi-location servers like Amazon maintains. Even so, the Internet access to our powerful hub of servers could become congested based on the area you are in and the usage at the time.

Test and compare speed.

There are easy ways that you can test your Internet connection speed:

  1. Grab your cell phone. Make sure you are on your cellphone network and not the same wifi as our computer. Access Jackrabbit. Did the pages load quickly on your phone?  This verifies your pipeline is probably experiencing congestion
  2. Run a speed test from your computer at different times of day (using speedtest.net) and see the differences.
  3. Consider contacting your ISP. Explain that you have to access a site in Charlotte, NC. This site is critical to your business.  You can provide them with Jackrabbit’s IP address ( and see if there is anything they can do to help.

To help you in visualize and assure you of Jackrabbit’s performance, we’re considering opening up a window for you to view our server performance. You would be able to verify for yourself exactly how Jackrabbit is performing for you. You will be alerted if this becomes an option.

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