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How Office Managers Get Account Details Quickly

Some of our more seasoned office administrators and managers simply take advantage of some of Jackrabbit’s software functionality to find out lots of useful information that is relevant to their everyday needs:

  • Advanced search for students to filter needed info: gender, user defined fields, tuition and billing details
  • Advanced search for families to find accounts with specific user defined fields
  • Absences to contact parents after 2 consecutive absences
  • Enrollment detail to check on retention from years prior
  • Aged accounts to find accounts with balances after a certain amount of time – perhaps 30 days and older
  • Search bars at the top of the page, both for account names and classes
  • Weekly view when searching for classes. It is the easiest way to view the entire schedule in one place
  • Edit All Classes is a great time-saver from going into each individual class to make changes. And it’s a great, quick way to add new teachers since organizations may set up their classes months in advance, not knowing which teachers will be assigned to the classes.

These super users also find several reports quite useful and run them on a consistent basis to quickly get accurate information that they need for important tasks.

Enrollment Detail Report. You can use the “Enrolled in Session” – “Not Enrolled in Session” fields to pull Retention numbers from this report a week to 10 days prior to the start of a new season or session of classes to extract a list of who hasn’t registered. This is a great list to your teachers so they can personally email those on this list to let them know their child isn’t enrolled, that they enjoyed having them in their class last year and hope to see them as class starts this year. This has been proven as a way to help in getting the “un-enrolled” registered prior to the start of classes.

This report is an extremely powerful one from which you can create many other reports based on current and historical enrollment. This reports even allows you to save Favorites so that you have quick access to the reports you use most. Examples? Retention reports, Historical reporting, Student Summary and Enrollment Summary.


Retention Reports. Running these reports provides an easy way to determine annual bonuses for teachers because it shows the percentage of students returning to classes by teacher. These reports come from the Enrollment Detail Report, as noted above. Find them by selecting Enrolled in Session/Not Enrolled In Session along with other search criteria to determine which students to create a retention report on.

Paid Fees Summary. This is an important monthly report for many Jackrabbit users. This report provides you, your financial person or your accountant what is needed to do monthly taxes. If you lease your space, your leasing company may also find this report useful.

Revenue Report.  This is the only report that will show all the discounts the org has given.

Store Reports. By using the Store function for such items as recital DVD and program book pre-orders,  running a simple report provides an official order list when it’s time to place orders.

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