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Setting Up Camps with Per Day Classes

Preparing for the summer camp season can never start too early. We have an enhancement that will make registration for camps easier. “Per day” classes are available for you to set up your camps through. What this means is, a parent registering online has the ability to choose which days their child will come to your organization. If you offer half days, this will need to be set up as another class because the tuition will be different.  To sum it up, per day classes are classes that meet multiple times during the week, and students are allowed to schedule which days they will attend.

Using classes rather than events for classes is better for your business because of the reporting capabilities through classes. Another great thing about using classes for camps is the ability to see a student’s enrollment history. You can also print a daily class roll for each camp. However, if you really like events, you can always set up an event for each and every day. Consider that if Mom wants Sally in the whole week, that is 5 events to enroll in just for that one week. [Class rolls do not print for Events.]

Texas Elite Gymnastics Academy (TEGA) started using the per day class for summer camps and it has helped tremendously. Katy Skinner explained they use one class each week for each age group they offer camp to. That way, parents can sign up for whatever day they want and the student’s age tells them which class to choose. The per day class enhancement has saved time and the parents have commented on how easy it is. Making parents happy is huge! Parents can also go in to their portal and see if there is an opening on a specific day without having to call the gym. This is a time saver and convenience for the parents as well.

“Being able to print a roll sheet for each individual date has made life so much easier. If someone registers for 3 days, Jackrabbit will automatically calculate the rate and post it to their account. Parents love it too – they just select their classes online and then they’re on their way!” -Katy Skinner, Texas Elite Gymnastics Academy (TEGA)

How to set up a PerDay Class:

  1. Point to Classes & click Add Classes.
  2. Enter a class name in the Enter Class Name field.  Multi-location organizations should also select a Location from the Location drop down. Save.
  3. Set the Per Day field to Yes.  Save Changes.
  4. Once saved with Per Day set to Yes, a new table labeled Per Day Tuition will display on the Class Summary tab.per day classes 1
    The 1 Day field contains the tuition fee that a student pays if attending the class once per week.
    The 2 Days field contains the total tuition required for the student to attend class twice per week, etc.
    Example above:  Class meets 5 times per week, taking one class is $30, and each subsequent class is $5 less. 1 Day=$30, 2 Days=$55, 3 Days=$75, etc.
  5. Continue adding class details as per the guidelines in the Class Fields Explained table.
  6. Save Changes.
  7. Note that the Class Enroll List tab now contains check boxes for each day of the week. This indicates which days were chosen during enrollment. There is also an openings number for each day of the week indicating the number of openings available for each class day. This is also displayed on the class listings and openings reports. Class rolls are also printed out for each day the class meets.
per day classes 2


Other notes:

  • The Class Summary tab has a new grid that shows the openings/current size for each day.
  • Customers can choose the day of the week when enrolling via Web Registration
  • The correct tuition fees will be posted (based on the number of days the student has enrolled).
  • The Summary tab for Per Day Classes will now display a grid with the number of Openings and Current Size for each day:


per day classes 3


  • Customers will be able to select the day(s) that they would like to enroll for Per-Day Classes.
  • If there are no openings, the word ‘Full’ is shown and they can’t enroll on that day
  • A customer can choose to be added to a Waitlist.
  • The correct tuition fee will be posted.
  • Note that the customer can enroll OR be put on a Waitlist for a single class – they can’t enroll on some days AND be put on the waitlist for other days.
  • Create a section on your legalese about camps. With Web Registration, you will only have one legalese. Be sure to write out the legalese the different programs you offer.


How to handle camps that require a deposit:

Create the class and in the class name, you will want to differentiate the name so that it is clear in the portal it’s the deposit amount.

Example: Week 5 UNDER THE BIG TOP (cost $200, deposit $50.)
Put the Tuition Fee as $50.00. Then when it comes time for the remaining balance due, you will change the tuition fee to be the remaining balance. This way customers would not show up in your reports as owing anything.

Another suggestion is to include a note in the legalese text to say something like: See schedule on website for full camp pricing. X amount is deposit amount only.

Add additional verbiage in your agreement Text (Legalese) about deposit amounts. To get to this screen to make changes please go to Tools>Website Registration and select on the left Agreement Text/Legalese.

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