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Selling Gift Certificates Online

The holidays! We’re almost to the most wonderful time of the year.  Bring in some extra cash for your business by selling gift certificates. Promoting this to your customers can benefit your business during the time of giving! Increase your brand awareness, find new loyal customers, and earn more revenue by using Jackrabbit’s events  module.

We’d like to share a clever way to handle the sale of gift certificates online by using the Events module in Jackrabbit.Below is a link to an Event page that we created in a demo database that shows you a form you could put on your website to capture the information you want.

When someone fills out this form, you would be notified by email that someone was purchasing Gift Certificates.

You would put the URL of the event form that YOU create in your database behind a “button” = Purchase Gift Certificates Here and it would launch just the information page.

Please use the EVENTS section of the help guide to build this event – you can use this example “mock up” to guide you.  If you have any questions on this, please let us know!


Online Reg Help Information:

We hope you enjoy this idea and sell some gift cards!

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