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Reporting Is Critical to Making Waves Swim School’s Daily Processes

Making Waves Swim School uses Jackrabbit reporting for accomplishing daily tasks and in continuously raising the level of customer service they provide to their families.

“One of my favorite traits of Jackrabbit’s reports is that they can be exported into Excel for further comparison and manipulation.” Carrie Mendlow

Whether it’s simply to sort the data in a unique way or to insert additional data before producing a final report for use, Making Waves leverages the flexibility of Jackrabbit’s reporting to use their data in a wide variety of ways.  Many reports help Making Waves to stay organized and serve as a way to find out many things they need to know about their school.

Several of the reports that Carrie finds most valuable are financial in nature, however, the one that she uses the most is the Enrollment Detail Report.

Enrollment Detail Report

The Enrollment Detail Report shows user defined fields so Making Waves can check the notes or issues that clients have shared with them and makes sure they are documented in their files.  The report enables Making Waves to:

  • Know who their newest customers are and welcome them to the school.
  • Produce a spreadsheet to upload into a special app they use to produce class sheets for instructors.
  • Generate all sorts of lists including those not returning next session and those who have been customers the longest.

Email Listing Report

Making Waves uses this report to create mailing lists for sending emails through their email marketing program. This makes communicating with customers quick and easy.

Deposit Slip Report

At the end of the day, Making Waves uses this report to ensure that daily transactions and revenue are collected and recorded accurately.

Advanced Transaction Search

This report helps Making Waves to find outstanding balances and double check their accuracy at the end of the day. 

Enrollment Snapshot 1

Making Waves depends on this report when she needs to find out almost anything about registration. This report tells Making Waves how many people are registered so that they can:

  • Compare those numbers to the previous year’s to ensure that they are maintaining growth.
  • Make projections for future sessions.

Store Reports

These reports give Making Waves all the details they need to know about all sales.

Time Clock Reports

With these reports, Making Waves can keep track of everything that is going on with employee hours and export all the information necessary to produce payroll.

Because of the Excel download function, Making Waves can use a custom app to combine three Time Clock reports into a single report format for delivery to their payroll service.  This saves a tremendous amount of time and greatly reduces the potential for error across the process.

“Reporting helps us to more quickly and easily manage our data and to understand where we stand at any given point that we want to pull information. It’s one of the most powerful features of the software.” Carrie Mendlow

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