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Questions To Ask Yourself Before Buying A Vacuum Cleaner

What questions should you ask yourself before buying a vacuum? Read here.

Choices. Choices. Choices. Life is full of them!

What goes on in your head when you’re looking at vacuums? How do you decide? Do you go with the latest technology, go off of price, or stick to the same brand you’ve always used?

If you have had a vacuum headache, this post will help you. If you haven’t, leave a comment for others to learn about your experience!

One thing we can all agree on is that you have to have a reliable vacuum. Cleanliness in your gym can help or hurt your reputation.  Accidents are guaranteed with children of all ages in your center. The chalk gets EVERYWHERE too!

Determine Your Budget

Now that there are so many different types of vacuums, it’s smart to go ahead and figure out how much you’d want to spend on a vacuum. There are pros and cons to buying an expensive vs. cheap vacuum and vice versa.

Why buy expensive?

Think of a vacuum as an investment for your gymnastic center. Spend more money upfront for higher quality, longer warranty, and fewer headaches. Do you want to spend your time buying vacuums multiple times a year after they quit or stop working?

Why buy cheap?

Maybe you’re thinking, “What makes the professional vacuums so much better?” Some people have had great experiences with cheaper vacuums than expensive ones. Why not buy 2 for $50 every year instead of one for $600 that may break, need to have parts fixed, and may not even do a better job?

How do you find time to vacuum? 

One option is always there – hire someone to do it. There are maid services in every city that can come after hours to clean. That way, it’s taken off of your plate and you can do other things. Another option is to have one of your students do it. Maybe they can’t afford the rates for a class. Give them a discount on the classes in exchange for vacuuming the gym on a regular basis.

OR..start a cleaning schedule with your staff. This could be another one of their job duties as a coach or administrator in your gym. Try a rotation schedule so they do not feel overwhelmed. Vacuuming every now and again can’t be too bad, can it?


Use technology to your advantage and look up reviews, prices, and brands on the Internet before you go out shopping. Get a good idea of what other people have said about the product before a sales representative tries to sell you a certain vacuum. A little Googling and reading can help you make a better decision based on the needs of your center and budget.

Speaking of the Internet, here are some price estimates I found on the Internet for you guys to start your search.

Price Estimates:

Sebo ~$700
Kirby ~ $600
Dyson ~ $500
Commercial Grade Sanitaire System Pro ~ $300
Dirt Devil ~$100
Hoover ~$80
Bissell ~$50

Tip: Buy a vacuum meant to pick up animal hair. Your gym floor will pick up a good deal of hair, so pick a vacuum made to handle the hair.


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