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Parents Appreciate Online Tools that Accommodate their Lifestyles

Convenience, Confidence and Quality Sets Your Facility Apart

“Even the first time I used Jackrabbit’s online registration, it was easy to step through the process. 4Cats attaches class costs to accounts instead of offering a direct pay option. But Jackrabbit made it simple to understand this through very direct instructions on an intuitive screen.” Drew Stainton, Parent User of Jackrabbit’s Online Registration

Online registration is an incredible convenience for parents. It helps them to quickly enroll their children in the classes that they want or need – even if they can’t go to the facility or make calls during the workday. Including access to online payment options on the site page or through a portal takes online registration to the next level of convenience because it allows everything to be taken care of in one website visit. And ensures that the child’s place is confirmed – which makes parents happy.

“I am a software developer – specifically, an interface guy – so I quickly recognized that Jackrabbit’s interface is well-designed – much better than some others that I’ve used. All the information that I needed was well-communicated and the way that I was led through the steps in the portal made sense. This is really important in interface design and not every company pays attention to it.” Drew Stainton, Parent User of Jackrabbit’s Online Registration

Jackrabbit’s online registration and portal tools give parents speed and convenience because they can:

  • Leverage the speed and convenience of the Internet to register children for classes or camps.
  • Use technology tools – even if they are not very tech savvy – without frustration.
  • Make sure that their children don’t miss out on activities because of their schedule limitations.
  • Take care of activities associated with registration, such as payment, in one easy website visit.
  • Identify spending trends and establish a reasonable budget for lesson costs.
  • Track attendance and make-ups to ensure that absences aren’t costing them extra money.

“The Jackrabbit tools that 4Cats uses make them look very professional and established. It doesn’t give me much comfort as a parent to sign my child up for an activity with a facility that just uses a PayPal link, so the portal with its integrated payment system sets 4Cats above those who don’t bother to build that in.” Drew Stainton, Parent User of Jackrabbit’s Online Registration

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