Jackrabbits Mobile friendly parent portal is clean, sleek, and simple.

Our New Mobile-Friendly Parent Portal Design Will Thrill Your Parents

You’re going to love the changes made to the Parent Portal!

Our feature-rich parent portal already works well for helping parents to more easily do business with you. The missing benefit has been its ease of use on mobile devices.

When your parents log in to your parent portal, a new clean, sleek and simple design will greet them! The new enhancements to our parent portal ensure that it’s easy-to-use and beautiful on parents’ smartphones.

There are a few feature enhancements, but the experience in using the parent portal will seem even better to parents because they’re easier to use on their smartphones! They will get the full impact of all of your parent portal features. [See a user comment]

Here is what your parents will see in the new mobile-friendly parent portal:

  • Parents will be able to add a contact – which they can’t do in the present portal version.
  • Parents will have a much smoother events enrollment process. They will no longer need to open up the school’s event calendar to enroll in events. This functionality will match how enrolling is done from classes. Parents simply go to Enroll in Class/Event and toggle the Class/Event button to make their choice!

Here is an example of what your parents will see they log in!

Isn’t it amazing?

Here’s a tip:

Set up a parent login for yourself so that you can see what it’s like to be a parent using Jackrabbit. This is a great way to monitor your customers’ experience and to make sure that it is as excellent as you want it to be.

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