Online Registration is an Operational Game-Changer and Flexible Tool

Clients – regardless of business specialty – are wildly enthusiastic about Online Registration. It offers a smooth transition from traditional in-house registration processes to online registration that can be tailored to each registration season’s unique needs.  Clients are also getting creative with online registration – using it to make special events and special offers manageable.

SwimKids Swim Schools in Atlanta, GA and Tampa, FL used online registration in a unique way to promote one of its new locations on Groupon. Using Groupon for the first time, Cindy Tonnesen, CEO of Swim Kids, didn’t know what to expect. “We had heard that many businesses had been overwhelmed and unable to keep up with call volumes generated by the Groupon. We linked the Groupon to Jackrabbit for a one-step online registration Groupon redemption and registration process. We sold over 200 Groupons in one day and over half were redeemed online by our new Groupon customers. And this all took place without impact to my staff because Jackrabbit online registration handled everything.”

Five Star Sports and Entertainment Academy in Long Island, NY gets creative with Jackrabbit to use online registration for one-time events and competitions. Not only has facility director, Lane Clark used online registration for the event registration itself, but it has enabled him to promote the events in ways that traditional registration processes would never allow. As soon as Lane linked Facebook and YouTube postings to his registration pages,  he was off to the races. Lane says, “Jackrabbit made it possible for Five Star to go global at a very low cost! We never imagined that we would be able to host events that would be attended by sports enthusiasts the world over!”

Five Star also incorporates permission forms into its online registration process for teen-focused events that it hosts. “This ability makes it possible for teens to bring signed permission slips that get them in the door. This provides a great level of comfort for parents who have concerns about other teens who may be attending events,” adds Lane.

Value to Owners and Managers
Online registration adds value in several ways that excites owners and managers of facilities of all types.

  • Saves time
  • Increases data accuracy
  • Frees up staff and owners
  • Thrills customers
  • Enables 24/7 availability
  • Eliminates hassles of lines and paper forms for parents and facility
  • Increases bandwidth
  • Expands market reach
  • Encourages marketing creativity

Kathy Blake Dance Studios in Amherst, NH was on a mission to offer online registration when they made Jackrabbit their solution of choice. The online registration feature means that the studio is open for registration 24/7. Rebecca Hart, the studio’s Office Manager, quickly went about replacing their in-house process with online registration so that they would be ready for their next season. Parents don’t have to fit class registration times into their schedules. Rebecca comments, “We had some initial anxiety over our transition away from our in-house registration process. But when we saw out customers jump in with excitement, we felt silly about our doubts. Parents are thrilled that they never have to stand in another class registration line.”

ACE All Stars in Gadsden, AL considers online registration one of the automated processes that has unchained staff from their desks and allowed them to interact more with students and parents. Their office manager was inundated with scheduling and registering students. Automating that process through online registration gives the office manager the freedom to do the things that help the business grow without ignoring the business’s necessary processes. Kelley Zeringue, co-owner of ACE Gadsden says, “Online registration has been one of the biggest game changers for us. It has made us more efficient and given us the ability to improve the way we operate.”

Charlotte Aquatics in Charlotte, NC was experiencing so much growth that they had to automate processes to keep up. Online registration was the sole reason that facility owner, Kelly Gains, chose Jackrabbit. Kelly tested online registration with 100 students for the first season that she had Jackrabbit. It was such a success that she opened the process up to everyone for her next season. Kelly comments, “Jackrabbit reduced what usually consumed three employees in a 144 hour effort by 50%. The improvement in customer service and parental happiness was perhaps even more dramatic than the time savings. Parents see availability online and eliminate any two-to-three-day wait that they previously experienced in getting confirmations about their classes. Online registration also allows our process to be transparent to parents. They may not get their first choice, but they see all class status online and know that there is no human error or preferential treatment going on.”

Powerful and Flexible
Jackrabbit’s online registration functionality is powerful and flexible. Facilities can offer as little or as much of their class curriculum as they want in their online registration. It is totally customizable to fit what each facility and each registration season requires.

Some owners express concerns about giving parents the freedom to register themselves for fear that they will put their students in the wrong classes. Jackrabbit provides options that allow the facility managers and owners to control what is displayed online and who can access it. It is even possible, with a little customization, to pre-qualify students with a few questions, so that the classes available at their students’ levels are the only options given. You can also set the Jackrabbit system up to do all of the data collection work and then hold the confirmation until a manager reviews the registration.

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