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New Email Bounce Report Helps You Make Sure Emails Reach Recipients

Jackrabbit now gives you the information that you need to identify email addresses that need to be corrected in your database in order for your contacts to get the emails that you send to them!

A new report entitled the “Email Bounce Report” lists the email addresses where email delivery was not successful.

Of course, unsuccessful delivery could be caused by

  • server issues on their end
  • full mailboxes
  • email address that are no longer in use (and you need to find out if your contact has a new one)

Or perhaps you just need to review the failed email addresses to make sure that it has a valid email format and has no typos.

By checking this report after each email, you can improve the number of people that you’re actually reaching each time you email. And this further ensures that your parents and employees stay connected with your organization and informed about what is going on.

NOTE: If you don’t see this report in the Report menu, check your user id permissions.

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