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Manners Matter in the Jackrabbit Facebook Software User Group

Just as with any other situation, a user group has expectations for behavior. There are manners that act as guidelines for members and hosts as well.

We want this Facebook group to be a place where users of Jackrabbit software can feel comfortable in “discussing” the software and their business.

We provide an environment where users:

  • Ask questions of their peers
  • Get help from their peers
  • Poll their peers for opinions and advice on industry and software topics
  • Express opinions on industry and software topics
  • Feel comfortable expressing opinions and experiences – even if it’s negative
  • Participate in the group without feeling as though they are being spied on

“We created the Facebook Software User Group to give our customers a place that mimics our User Conference’s ability to bring users together and allow them to learn from one another,” notes Graham Bingham, Team Lead for Education and Training.

The User Group is monitored by several members of various Jackrabbit teams.

“Of course we watch the conversations as they’re taking place in the User Group. There are times when we see a better way to resolve an inquirer’s issue.  Or we see a question that really needs to be handled by our support team. If those situations arise, we jump in,” Bingham says.

Always keep in mind that contacting support directly from your database should be your FIRST avenue if you are experiencing and issue. 

Just as our users can expect Jackrabbit to be listening out for their posts and responding promptly, we also respectfully ask for certain considerations from the members of our User Group.

  • Be considerate of other users.
  • Exhibit professionalism in your actions.
  • Use the User Group only as a platform for discussion about the use of Jackrabbit software and topics relative to operating children’s activity centers.
  • If the time comes when you are no longer a user of Jackrabbit software, please leave the group.

It should go without saying, but there are some things that Jackrabbit, as the host of this User Group, will not tolerate:

  • The use of condescending, insulting or profane language
  • Bullying of any kind
  • Selling of any products or services

If Jackrabbit sees or is made aware of these types of behavior, we will eliminate the related content – even if it means removing or blocking the offending party from the Group. Fortunately, we have not had these types of issues with our users.

“There is no desire to make the atmosphere of the Group feel restrictive, but we do believe that enforcing policies helps to ensure the group’s atmosphere where no one feels intimidated, inferior or self-conscious,” Bingham notes.

The Jackrabbit User Group has consistently grown since its creation in February 2014 and now has thousands of members who constantly tell us how productive the Group is for the users who participate.

“We believe we’ve been successful in fostering a positive, helpful User Group environment because users have told us how helpful it is to them and how grateful they are that we support it. It’s an amazing group. We learn as much from them as they learn from us,” Bingham says.

Carolyn Wells, owner of Dance By Design Studios, loves Jackrabbit’s Facebook User Group. It allows her to ask questions of users who have situations and needs exactly like hers. And because Jackrabbit Facebook users are all over the world, quick responses come at any given time.

According to Carolyn, “The Facebook tools allow alerts to be set up so you can know when someone replies to your comments. It’s really great. It really connects you.”

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