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Managing Your Discount Can Be Easier With Our Multi-Student Enhancement

Enhancement: Multi-Student Discounting Options

A new option is available when managing your discounts in Jackrabbit. If you post tuition fees using the Billing Method of Class Fees with both Multi-Class and Multi-Student discounts, this applies to you!

Under the Tools menu in Edit Settings, you will find your Tuition Settings in the left hand menu. After selecting Manage Rules, you can create Add a New Rule or use the pencil icon to edit an existing rule. Either way, you will now see two options under the Multi-Student Discount section that will determine how the discount is calculated.

You can choose the one that best fits how your organization wants to bill your customers. If you aren’t sure how the two options differ in calculation, click the ? icon next to the setting for an example.

Jackrabbit previously used the calculation, “Apply it to the Original Amount” so all existing rules default to this setting unless adjusted by a User in your organization (Option 1 in the example above). Going forward, all new rules will default to use the calculation, “Apply it after the Multi-class % discount has been deducted” (Option 2 in the example above). You can change the setting to Option 1 if you prefer.

We know how you post fees to your families is important to the livelihood of your business. We hope with the options we have given for automated discounting have made this task easier!





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