Jackrabbit’s Flexibility Allows Users to Get Creative with Features to Meet Special Needs

Five Star Sport and Entertainment Academy


1 location, 1000 students, 3000 families, 70 instructors


Five Star Sports and Entertainment Academy offers several events in addition to its schedule of sports and entertainment activities that are somewhat unique to their facility and attract participants from other facilities within and outside of the Academy’s local market. Could Five Star use his Jackrabbit system to promote and manage these events?


Five Star created events in Jackrabbit for their special events. As events in the Jackrabbit system, participants would be able to register, pay and read rules and policies online. The first tricking competition would be of interest to more than just the local trickers so Five Star used videos and registration links posted on Facebook and YouTube to promote it. They also asked trickers from the facility to share the videos and links. The videos attracted trickers from across the US and Europe. Registrations flooded in turning the event into the largest tricking event in the world.

For teen-focused events, Five Star used online registration to address concerns parents had about who might attend the events by requiring all attendees to agree to rules and print online registrations for entry. These few easy-to-manage steps gave parents confidence in the safety of where their teens would be and provided the facility with some control over the attendees.

All of these activities were managed and promoted with ease and very little cost.


Jackrabbit’s flexibility enabled facility to promote events outside of its local geography and control event attendees with online tools so they were well-attended and safe.

Jackrabbit made it possible for Five Star to go global. They never imagined that they could expand special events to include those from other states and countries!

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