Jackrabbit Helps Multi-Location Swim School Streamline Scheduling and Enrollment Process

EVO Swim School
4 locations
2,546 swimmers 35 instructors
Owner, David Tait


In looking for a software system to manage his swim school, David Tait knew that it would be important for the software to accommodate some of the unique needs of a swim school. There are many students with lots of details that follow them – from parent info and payment methods to skill achievements and class history – that it would be a mistake to choose software that would need to be “adapted” before it could be used.


For EVO, Jackrabbit is a powerful set of tools designed to fit swim schools so it gave them the best potential for implementing with minimal workflow disruption. EVO’s first registrations were done manually, consuming many hours and creating a huge paper trail. This inspired EVO’s office manager, Wendy Mullen, to make it a priority for that year to have online registration up and running. She was delighted to see the time spent on each registration drop from 10 to 2 minutes and parents happily adopting their new online options. Parents enjoy control over their data and the 24/7 access that allows them to look at their account whenever it’s convenient. For Wendy and her staff, taking registration online streamlined their enrollment process and eliminated collections.

Being online has other benefits for EVO. All instructors – regardless of where they are teaching – can use laptops to take attendance and track skills as they are taking place.

EVO is experiencing growth but Jackrabbit has been able to scale to easily meet expansion needs without sacrificing functionality, bandwidth and speed – and without forcing them to taking a pricing hit for every additional location.


Jackrabbit offers EVO a platform that supports their day-to-day operations, the needs of their mobile staff and their growth and expansion without sacrifice.

“Jackrabbit gives us robust business tools in a system that is geared for swim schools and that has been important to how efficient we are with it and how much value it brings to the business. Our efficiency in scheduling and enrollment has improved dramatically and our parents are thrilled at the convenience and access our online options give them.” – David Tait | EVO Swim School

“Instructors being able to use laptops regardless of where they are teaching is huge. Data only has to be dealt with once and everything is real time because they are working directly in Jackrabbit.” — Wendy Mullen | EVO Swim School

Photo Credit: EVO Swim School

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