Jackrabbit Helps Learning Center Owner Stay On Top of His Data with Integrated Schedules and Statements

NewFuture Learning Center of Fort Mill  

1 location, 61 active students, 8-12 instructors

Director, Terry Langley


Terry needed a management system that would help him accomplish basic business functions. A home-baked system created by his former franchise did not accomplish the basics and in no way helped him operate more efficiently. He needed a system that could help him work smarter by integrating his data with all of his business processes.


Living the challenges of his previous system had made Terry keenly aware of what it was like when software doesn’t work, so when he began to use Jackrabbit he immediately realized that he was on to something that could really help him. Jackrabbit’s integrated tools feed off of a single repository of all fo his student, family and financial data, so enrolling, scheduling, billing and posting payments can be done much more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

Since Jackrabbit is web-based, Terry can log in from home – which is very convenient with an administrative assistant is in the office. Not only can he do work when away from the office, he can easily monitor the business vital statistics and know what is happening – down to the minute.

Learning or tutoring organizations operate a little differently that some class-based organizations. And often each individual learning facility even has their own unique ways of packaging their services and taking payments so they truly need the flexibility that Jackrabbit provides.


Jackrabbit helps learning facility owners integrate and manage their business processes – even when some of the details are unique – so that they can run more efficiently.

“Jackrabbit makes the business end of my organization work. There is so much information associated with each student that we need Jackrabbit’s powerful database driven features to help us stay organized.” — Terry Langley, NewFuture Learning Center of Fort Mill


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