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Jackrabbit Helps Cheer Gym Provide a Frictionless Experience

Premier Academy Cheerleading and Tumbling Layers Powerful Features into Its Operational Processes

When Riana Luck started her cheerleading and tumbling gym almost a decade ago, online processes like class registration and payment had not yet been fully adopted by parents so Premier Academy Cheerleading and Tumbling did everything on paper.

As web-based activities became more mainstream – and eventually adopted as the industry standard – Riana transitioned her gym over to Jackrabbit. Running her business kept her very busy, so Riana implemented Jackrabbit online class management software in layers and saw her business operations improve as additions were made.

“Jackrabbit is very comprehensive software, so layering its implementation makes a lot of sense. We started out by organizing our business around Jackrabbit’s powerful database so that classes, students, instructors and tuition collection became streamlined and efficient.”

Software Flexibility Helps Users Fit Implementation to Needs

Because Jackrabbit is flexible software, gyms can choose which features to use first with the same success and performance improvement potential as those who implement the software in one fell swoop.

Becoming organized is critical to helping gyms save time and money and raise profitability. As additional layers of the software are put to use, benefits increase even more.

“We found tremendous benefit from using a single, unified database for organizing all of our business information and having an electronic trail for tracking payments has been transformational for us. We foresee that changing over to ePayments, online attendance, and registration will elevate our business to another new level.”

Features Feature Convenience

Putting the Staff Portal in place allows Premier Academy Cheerleading and Tumbling make attendance tracking online for instructors so that they can easily and quickly see who is and isn’t in class. Taking attendance is not disruptive to class and provides administrators with an immediate record that they can use to check on unexpected absences. And the bonus is that online attendance eliminates the need for paper rolls.

With the success of the Staff Portal in her pocket, Riana began testing out Jackrabbit’s Parent Portal.

“The added features of the redesigned Parent Portal – like the pop-up notifications upon sign-in – are great. We love the ‘cart’ format of the interface and it is a clean and beautiful design.”

One Place for Everything

The all-in-one aspect of Jackrabbit is important to Riana. Managing the processes that are critical to business in multiple systems is inefficient and expensive. Bringing it all together is a tremendous benefit because it heightens productivity and provides more complete and easily accessible reporting.

A Common Goal for Eliminating Friction

“We have access to everything from our history, to registration, to payments, to reporting in one unified system and that is huge. It’s one of the factors that helps us come as close as possible to providing a frictionless experience to our families.”

Jackrabbit’s goal with its clients is also to provide a frictionless experience.

“There is enough stress and chaos involved in managing a cheerleading and tumbling gym. We don’t need more stress over software. Jackrabbit eliminates any potential for that not only by creating software that is easy to use, but also by providing exceptional support.”

Jackrabbit’s support options are as diverse as the clients it serves. Those who like self-serve information have a plethora of help articles and videos. Those who chose to do so can schedule a call or open a chat session with a support team member. Those who are struggling while in the midst of a task can request help directly from the screen that is causing friction through the help button and receive detailed, expert help – typically within seconds of their request.

“There are so many things that are fantastic about Jackrabbit support. You can even get a 60-minute check-up call that is a great way to ask several questions, get the details of some new features or enhancements that you have particular interest in, or simply brush up on an activity you’ve not done in a while. It’s rare to find a software company – especially one in our type of industry – that offers the quality or number of options for support as Jackrabbit.”

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