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Integrated Solution Puts Critical Process in Hands of Payroll Experts

Mike McKamy of Little Waves Swim School talks about the benefits of using ExpressPayroll and Jackrabbit’s Time Clock.

Using Express Payroll integrated with Jackrabbit delivers value to your business by. ..

  • Making the employee time management and payroll process accurate, timely and worry-free.
  • Eliminating risk of making errors in state and federal tax compliance.
  • Ensuring the accuracy and timeliness of withholding tax payments.
  • Maintaining records and providing reports that help you through audits.

“Why would a gym NOT use Time Clock and ExpressPayroll? This is a no-brainer because it allows you to have a payroll system integrated into your management software without getting another system.”

Ensuring Thoroughness and Accuracy

Employee Time Management and Payroll involve pains-taking details, critical processes and can disrupt your organization if they go awry. So why would you “do-it-yourself” with processes that are so important?

Modern methods are available to improve the way gyms calculate and deliver pay. By combining easy-to-use technology with expert and accurate services, Jackrabbit and Express Payroll give owners and managers a way to greatly improve their payroll process.

“Payroll is much more than a paycheck. There are withholding tax responsibilities, state and federal forms to file, and records to maintain to keep your compliance in check. ExpressPayroll’s role in this area is without a doubt where the most time is saved for me. And when we were audited by workmen’s comp, ExpressPayroll provided the thorough and accurate reports that gave me everything that I needed to answer audit questions quickly and accurately.”

Applying Knowledge and Expertise

The smartest and brightest business leaders understand that it is best to do what you’re good at and hand off the rest to those whose expertise fits each need. This couldn’t be truer for gym owners. Regardless of your comfort level with numbers, you’re, in all likelihood, not a payroll expert. Let it go. Turn the tracking, management and delivery details of these critical processes over to technology and experts that will ensure that your employees are paid, your records are in sync and your business is never at risk.

“I was a math major, so I’m not afraid of numbers but I am concerned about mistakes. And if I did my payroll myself, I have no doubt that I would spend more time than necessary producing results that contain errors for employees and my accountant  – and that just isn’t acceptable to me. My joy and my expertise lie in teaching children to swim. I want to spend my time doing that – not shuffling time sheets and running payroll.”

Delivering Seamless Excellence

Jackrabbit and ExpressPayroll have made sure that their solutions are in sync. When you’ve set up your pay and pay rate details in the Time Clock, you’ve basically set up your ExpressPayroll account.  Headers and terminology matches up. There is no gap, no guess work and there are no mistakes.

“I don’t have to worry about payroll. In fact, I even get an alert reminding me of when I need to my data. My employees have already entered their times. I have confidence in the accuracy of the times because the Time Clock alerts me to any entry that deviates from its parameters. Once I approve and click the ‘send’ button, I can forget it because I know that ExpressPayroll will deliver the deposits as scheduled.  It’s the easiest way that I know to pay with absolute confidence that we’re paying our employees everything they’ve earned – no more, no less.”

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