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Why Integrate Employee Time Management and Payroll?

You – as the owner or manager of your swim school – have much more valuable ways to expend your energies than dealing with time sheets and payroll. Don’t misunderstand. These are critical components of your business operations. But that is probably the BEST reason that it should be integrated.

Even if you’re not one who is intimidated by the numbers or dreads the painstaking process, you are also probably not well-versed in the details, forms and regulations surrounding employee time management and payroll. After all, withholding tax compliance and end-of-year state and federal filings make this process much more than paying employees.

Integrating these processes – regardless of the size of your organization or staff – is a way that you can improve the time tracking and payment experience for your employees, your accountant and for yourself.

“Because we have a small staff, the actual time savings in implementing an integrated time tracking and payroll process isn’t impressive. But what it saves me is a piece of my sanity. I dreaded – no, I hated – processing payroll. Simply eliminating it was liberating for me and did much more for me than just add a little time back into my day.” Willis Calhoun, Stage Door Dance, Raleigh, NC

Read more about Willis’ experience with an integrated solution for Stage Door Dance

Integrated employee time management and payroll gives you confidence that your business data is always accurate and in sync. This includes

  • The information delivered from your management system to your payroll provider.
  • Your payment records vs. actual pay stubs.
  • Your withholding tax responsibilities.
  • The forms provided for your state and federal tax filings.

Technology and Expertise

No organization – large or small – should have to deal with paper time sheets in today’s technologically advanced business world. Time Clock features are built into the software that you already use to offer online registration, collect tuition and manage your classes (and other features) and putting it to work for you just makes good sense. But leaving off the final layer – “expertise” – doesn’t make sense. Your energies are needed in many other areas where you do have the expertise. Make sure that a process as critical as paying your employees is handled by those who can do it accurately and quickly – and will make sure that you’re compliant in every area that you’re required to be.

“I was a math major, so I’m not afraid of numbers but I am concerned about mistakes. And if I did my payroll myself, I have no doubt that I would spend more time than necessary producing results that contain errors for employees and my accountant  – and that just isn’t acceptable to me. My joy and my expertise lie in teaching children to swim. I want to spend my time doing that – not shuffling time sheets and running payroll.” Mike McKamy, Little Waves Swim School, Omaha, NE

Read more about Mike’s experience with an integrated solution for Little Waves Swim School

Compliance Conundrum

This really should never be a conundrum. The answer isn’t unknown or difficult. Compliance is the area where “DIY payroll” can get risky. Far too often, swim school owners just don’t have the expertise to accurately complete and submit the appropriate forms to remain in compliance. It’s risky because it can disrupt your business with costly fines and audit processes. What you think you’re saving just isn’t worth it.

Efficiency and Effectiveness

This is what it’s all about. The technology you replace time sheets with is an amazing time saver for you, for your employees and for your accountant. The expertise you trust to turn your employees’ time entries into money and to cover your compliance delivers huge benefits to your business because of what it frees you to do and frees your business from.

“The integrated process puts Jackrabbit’s Time Clock in charge of time management and turns the time entry process into an employee implemented one. The Time Clock allows me to simply check and approve time entries. Hourly ‘budgets’ are set so that I immediately know when enough or too few hours have been worked. I can even email the employee about the discrepancies directly from the interface. The entire process is quite magical!” Jon Aardema, Gymnastics Academy of Atlanta

Read more about Jon’s experience with an integrated solution for Gymnastics Academy of Atlanta

The Tag Team

Jackrabbit Technologies and Express Payroll is a true tag team that combines technology and expertise into a seamlessly integrated solution that completely transforms one of your swim school’s most critical processes into an experience that is quite liberating for everyone who is involved in it.

Visit our website to learn more about the payroll service that many of your fellow swim school owners and managers are already integrating into Jackrabbit’s Time Clock for tremendous business benefits.

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