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How do you turn 2 minutes into $2K?

Easy answer: A feature called Time Clock that Jackrabbit offers to users of its system – for free.

One of our customers calculated that Time Clock saves them 2 minutes per customer per day. Apply some pretty simple math and that mere 2 minutes per customers grows into a $2,000 savings over the course of a year.  How much simpler – and more awesome – can that be?


Arduous time sheets are out of the equation.

Time Clock really changes the way you operate your office. Your staff’s energy doesn’t have to be soaked up gathering and entering payroll details that are more easily, quickly and accurately accomplished using technology.

Now you’re talking convenience!

Take your process remote. Your employees can input “time sheet” hours from anywhere using their phone or any computer with browser access anytime up to the moment payroll is actually processed.

Maintain control.

Quickly glance down your employee “time sheet” entries and spot inconsistencies. Just because it is quick, easy and convenient, doesn’t mean you lose control over it! You maintain ultimate approval over what your employees input before you pay them.

Find out more about Jackrabbit’s game-changing Time Clock. A customer’s viewpoint.

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