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Head Non-Payment Off at the Pass

Cheer Professional Magazine shares great information about a Cheer Gym and the way it handles families that don’t pay in “When Families Don’t Pay: 5 Things You Can Do”. The Nevada gym owner featured in the article has five ways that she handles collections when the sticky situations of non-payment arise. These are great ideas for any type of facility – if you have to face collections.

There is a solution that helps you avoid even getting in the collection situation to begin with. Take advantage of software system features that enable you to automatically collect tuition (or any other types of fees) with a mouse click. Auto payment features offered by Jackrabbit’s online class management system streamline payment processing and give you a quick and easy way to store and process credit cards to get your money immediately. This makes you happy and makes parent happy because they can pay you the same way they pay most of their other obligations.

If you have this process working for you on the front end, users note that they rarely get in the collection business at all. The five options noted in this article are great ways to address collections – if you have to do them. And keep them in mind if you need them. But why do collections if you don’t have to?

They are:

  • Embarrassing for the parent
  • Time-consuming for your staff
  • An interruption to your money flow
  • Sensitive situations that cause stress in your client relationships

Why risk all of this happening? Head it off at the pass (with auto payment processes) and make everyone happy!

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