Global Class Search Now Has Wait Column

I’m sure you already know how helpful The Global Class Search or Quick Search box is in Jackrabbit.  (In case you’ve missed it, it’s to the right of the Global Family/Student Search Box.)

Just enter a class name or the first few letters of the class name and click the Go button.  Jackrabbit lists the results with columns including Location, Status, Session, Start Date, End Date, Category 1, 2, and 3, Instructors, Days/Times, Rooms, Gender, Ages, Class Size, Openings, Future Drops, Future Enrollments, and Fee.

Now, there is a Wait column.  You’ll see the number of students on the Wait List for each class.  Want to see just the classes that have an active Wait List?  Click on the column header to sort.  First, Jackrabbit will bring all the classes with NO students on the Wait List.  Click it a 2nd time to bring all the classes with the most students on a Wait List to the top.



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