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6 Holiday Gift Ideas for Students

The holidays are the perfect time to show your students you care about them. It’s the season of giving, after all. So why not share those warm and fuzzy feelings with your customers? 

We know you’re busy. You’ve got a business to keep going, for Pete’s sake. That’s why we’ve put together a list of 6 holiday gift ideas for students and their parents that are sure to show your customers you care. 

6 gifts that show your students you care this holiday season

Whether you have 100 students or 1,000 students, these low-cost holiday gift ideas are sure to spark joy in even your most Grinch-like customer. 

Write a letter

Maybe it’s my Southern roots, but I appreciate nothing more than receiving a handwritten letter. Thank you, Happy Holidays, Just because — there’s no letter I don’t like receiving. Wishing your students and their families Happy Holidays is a simple and effective way to show your appreciation for a cost as small as a postage stamp. 

How many hours do your students spend at your facility each week? Chances are, a bunch. Taking a little time out of your day to send a thank you card can help them feel good about spending so much of their time with you each year. 

Warm, fuzzy letters are hard to come by these days. Make someone smile by opening your holiday thank you in the mail! 

Snap and send team pictures

Does your facility provide professional team picture opportunities in the winter? What about a winter wonderland photo op in the lobby? 

Whether you hire a professional photographer or create your own little North Pole photo booth, providing families with the opportunity to capture holiday memories at your facility is a great way to show you care. 

Take it a step further and share those photos with customers. You don’t have to break the bank here. Simply sharing these kinds of images on your social media pages and tagging students is enough to get them into the hands of parents. 

Provide complimentary snacks in the lobby

Did someone say food? 

Surprise your students with a pop-up snack shop in the lobby. An after class treat of hot chocolate, cookies or fruit is a simple way to get right to the heart of everyone who enters your facility. 

Purchasing food from a bulk retailer such as Costco and minimal decorations are one way to ensure a lean price tag for this yummy holiday treat. 

Make take home crafts

Consider ending class early one week to provide students the opportunity to make a craft for their parent, sibling or friend. 

Think about it. Not every child has the opportunity to purchase a present for a special friend or family member. Providing an opportunity for your students to create their own gift to give may have a bigger impact on their holiday experience than you’ll ever know. 

If creating crafts during class time is not an option, you can set up a holiday crafts station in your lobby for students to complete on their own time.

Host a party at your facility

Hosting free drop-in hours and holiday parties are two great ways to show parents and students you care. Pull back out the snacks, photo booth and crafts from above and you have an instant party. 

Students will love the opportunity to have fun with their friends and parents will be able to enjoy some child-free hours during their day. Win – win! 

If you’re really strapped for cash or time this holiday season, don’t give a gift at all. Instead designate a full week where students can dress up in holiday-themed attire. We’ll call self expression the real gift here! 

Little touches throughout the holidays will help your students feel more appreciated and excited to return to classes after the New Year. 

Do you do something for your students during the holidays? We’d love to hear about it in the comments!


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