Financially Fit in 2024

Get Financially Fit in 2024: 3 Strategies for Saving with Jackrabbit

In our recently published 2024 Youth Activities Industry Benchmark Report, we saw proof that revenue flowing into gymnastics and cheer gyms, swim schools, and dance studios was trending upward – which is a great trend to see! However, we also know that despite consistent tuition increases across our industries, owners aren’t necessarily feeling the increase in their bottom line like they should. 

Why is this possible? Many factors like workforce challenges such as staffing, inflation, and the rise in cost of doing business are chipping away at owner’s take home salary, despite the growth they are seeing. That’s where class management software comes in – to help youth activity center owners save money!

3 Money-Saving Tactics with Jackrabbit’s Class Management Software

In a recent webinar, the Jackrabbit Team shared 3 ways youth activity center owners can save money when implementing and leveraging class management software.  

1. Automated Billing Process with ePayments

When you are set up for integrated ePayments and require parents to have a credit card or bank account on file, it’s easy to automate your billing process from start to finish. One time setup will have you well on your way to mass posting fees and mass processing payments on a recurring basis so you can set it and forget it!

2. Software Savings With PayPath

If you know you need software to scale and grow your business but you can’t justify the monthly bill to pay for it, Jackrabbit’s new PayPath option is just for you! When you opt into PayPath*, you get access to Jackrabbit’s core features without the monthly expense by passing on a 1.25% technology fee to online payments made by parents. 

*Currently only available in the US when processing with Jackrabbit Pay.

3. Recoup Processing Fees with Surcharges

Unfortunately, processing fees for online payments are likely never going away. But, Jackrabbit has released a feature that is the next best thing. Now, you can automatically pass on a surcharge to credit card payments in efforts to recoup the majority of the cost of processing so you can invest that money into your business.

If you missed the webinar when it aired live, check out the full recording below!

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