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Family Discounts Rule: Tuition Discounts Added to Family Level

Tuition Discount Rules allow you to create multi-class and multi-student discounts using numerous customized settings. Discount Rules are then assigned to classes who have a Billing Method of By Class Fee, and each student within the class received the discounts associated with the class.  We are now adding Tuition Discount Rules to the family level making discount rules even more powerful, essentially ‘over-riding’ the rules associated with the student’s classes and forcing Jackrabbit to use the family’s assigned rule instead.

You create Family Rules the same way as any discounting rules. (Tools > Edit Settings > Tuition Settings. Discount Rules)  

Once your family rule has been created (you may have as many different family rules as you’d like), you assign it to the Family on their Billing Info tab:


When posting tuition fees, you will now select the Class Discount Rules, and Family Discount rules which are found under the Family Criteria section. Pro Tip: Create a Favorite to automatically load these settings each month.

When a family rule has been used, it will show on the Tuition Notes, and the Tuition Details pop-up when you click the “I” icon on the preview page.

List of features

  • Creating a Tuition Discount Rule to assign to a family is no different than creating a Discount Rule to assign to a class – there’s no learning curve.
  • A family can have their own multi-class and/or multi-student discounting structure with an assigned Tuition Discount Rule.
  • By assigning a Tuition Discount Rule to a family, you can override the enrolled class’ assigned Tuition Discount Rule allowing students in the same class to receive different multi-class/multi-student discounts.
  • You can post to a specific group of families based on their assigned family Tuition Discount Rule using Transactions > Post Tuition Fees.
  • The Parent Portal recognizes Tuition Discount Rules assigned to families, so if a family has an assigned rule, that rule will be honored instead of the enrolled class’ rules.
  • When you enroll an existing family from within Jackrabbit and the family has an assigned Tuition Discount Rule the family’s assigned rule is honored instead of the enrolled class’ rules.
  • Families assigned a Tuition Discount Rule can be searched using Families > Search.
  • Archived and deleted families retain their assigned Tuition Discount Rule in case they are restored.

You can visit our Help Center for more information on creating and assigning Discount Rules.


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