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Extended Support Hours!

Great news!
 The Jackrabbit family is growing! Because our customers are spread out across different time zones, we are extending our hours of support!

The Jackrabbit support team will be available for all of our customers from 8am to 8pm EST. The added daily hours are there to offer you assistance and make your experience with our software as speedy and efficient as possible.

We undertand your needs and are happy to accomodate them.

Are you aware of ALL of the training and support resources that Jackrabbit offers?

We encourage you to examine the options we’ve made available. We’ve have developed them directly from your input and have heard great things from those who have maximized these resources.

Don’t forget to look at all our other support options here too! Our support team will love to assist you in any way they can. Don’t hesitate to press the support button!

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