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Early Results Are In On Jackrabbit’s Point of Sale Feature

“I absolutely LOVE JR Point of Sale!  Entering a transaction, finding items that need to be re-ordered, payments, and much more are sooooo easy!  JR Staff are super quick to answer questions and make improvements to Point of Sale!  I can’t say enough positive things about it!”

Buffy Folise, Chicago Swim School

“Thank you for letting our organization use this wonderful tool! I LOVE THE NEW RECEIPT FORMAT. That has actually been a complaint of our parents, that the receipt wasn’t detailed (I also suggested it!).  I especially like how you guys did not write it with a specific format.  I was able to set my browser to use the company fonts, so now our receipts print with the company fonts and look like something that came from headquarters!  THANKS!”

Ryan Drucker, Gifted Kids

“Loving these changes! We are so thrilled that Jackrabbit is always expanding and developing new features.  Incorporating the point of sale component makes tracking sales and inventory for regular and one time customer’s so easy!  Thanks for all you do! “

Adam Barrett, Temecula Dance

“This is really going to simply my life – I can’t believe the timing!”

Jamie Espen, Kindermusik with Jamie Espen

“Just got my first chance to take a look at the Point of Sale screens.  I am LOVING what I am seeing. I haven’t had a chance yet to test my Process Pink Card reader hooked up with a USB, but I am pumped to see that work. I love what I heard on a tutorial that they can use a different card than on file and not overwrite the card on file. Very Nice! And I was happy to realize that this can now replace my desktop credit card processing machine, which will save me money. Thank you!”

David Doemland, Sunflower Gymnastics

“We recently began using the Jackrabbit Point of Sale component and we could not be happier…its streamlined approach has allowed us to serve our customers seamlessly and processing transactions, reports and inventory is now a snap!” 

Linda DeSanders & Paula DeBaugh, Dolphin Swim School

“We are very much enjoying all of the new changes especially the option to use a different card for a single transaction and hope you guys keep up the good work!”

Carey Macik, Dance Expressions

“We had been looking for a POS system for a while and are very pleased with the system Jack Rabbit has provided with no extra fees!  We love that it can track inventory and give us reports on sales detail and profit. It was very easy to set up for our Pro Shop, which was a plus! Having the re-order alert on the dashboard is very helpful in keeping inventory stocked for our customers.  All prices ring up right thru the scanner, which also saves time for our office staff too. It does exactly what we need for our gym with the convenience of having the whole system right in Jack Rabbit, which we already love!”

Tracy Stella, Pro Shop Manager, Patti’s All-American

“I love this new feature and super excited that we will be able to utilize this enhancement more at our open house and shoe fitting week coming up in August.  Thank you for your continued support and features that JR offers!”

Michele Edwards, Rhythm in Effect, Inc.

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