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Dream Tool for Managing Recitals

Pulling all of your recital elements together into one place that helps you organize and manage the details can make a big difference in whether you keep your sanity as your recital approaches.

Songs, performers, programs can quickly and easily get out of hand without a management tool that is intelligent enough to see and alert you to conflicts and redundancies, time management issues and multiple roles.

You not only need the ability to organize all of this information but you need the ability to change and update it easily and quickly.

What if you have multiple recitals that you’re planning? You would need to be able to assign classes to any of all of them.

You would also need to be able to track song titles and lengths down to the minute and second – per performance per recital.

What about all of that time it takes to search through names and performance times to find conflicts? Wouldn’t conflict-based alerts save you lots of time?

Now, if you could just print out detail reports and information for recital programs, such a recital management program would be perfect.



So go to Events/List Recitals from your main Jackrabbit toolbar and explore. It’s all there for you in the perfect organization and management tool for your recital planning.


You can also review the specifics of using the recital management in the Jackrabbit How-To Guide.

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