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Do What You’re Best At and Build Wealth

According to Forbes contributor, Russ Alan Price, doing what you best at and building wealth is possible! He took a close look at self-made millionaires to find their commonalities and to see where these commonalities might be the basis for their wealth building.

His recent article in Forbes shares that the self-made millionaires are highly centered (i.e., very focused and on track). All evidence points to this as being a key factor in their ability to build wealth. This isn’t a trend that is prevalent in only a few business sectors. Price noted this is a pretty broad personal characteristic. There also is no single “process” for making this happen. We’re all different so finding what works for you is the key. It matters that it really happens – not how it happens.

Of course, you must be able to monetize what you’re good at. You must know what you do well and capitalize on that. Children’s activity center owners can learn from Price what they need to tame in their entrepreneurial tendencies in order to focus their energies so that they are doing the best possible job at building their own wealth through facility growth.

Take a look at this article and the linked information from Private Wealth magazine editor Hannah Shaw Grove to understand the benefits of being centered in growing your wealth.

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