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Creating a Mobile App is a Good Move for Business

Demand from clients is forcing all businesses to become more smartphone friendly. In doing this, you’re making it easier to do business with your organization – and that should be an important part of your growth strategy.

Seventy percent (70%) of online traffic now takes place via mobile devices. Your clients are viewing your content on mobile devices which are most likely smartphones. Because of this your information needs to be seen and used in a mobile friendly format.

Be Accessible on Their Platform of Choice

You want to provide your clients the means to do business with you when and where they want to do it – not when or where it is convenient for you. This may take place while clients are waiting in the school pickup lines or sitting in coffee shops. But wherever they are, they need to be able to quickly and easily take care of business or they won’t do it. If they must wait until they get home and have a chance to get on their home computers, the opportunity or inclination for business may be gone. Their preferences require that your business is accessible to them 24/7.

Email is no longer the best or preferred way to communicate and promote. Push notifications are immediate, have much higher open rates, and take your clients straight to the content you want them to see and use. A mobile app is also the single best way to automatically build customer brand recognition, re-enrollment, and good will. By offering this option, your make sure that your business is as close as your branded icon on your clients’ phones.


Because your mobile app can be integrated with your class management software and connected to your database, everything that your clients do using your app is in real time – just as if your clients were using your portal or other online tools available to them. There is never any syncing or updating that needs to take place for everyone to be seeing the same information.

Apps are the New Standard

Having a mobile app is the assumed default with your clients today. They expect this new standard and are likely asking “Where can I download your app?” instead of “What’s your phone number?” or “Can you give me your web address?” Adopting these leading edge technology options also means you’re an innovator and you’re committed to providing your clients with the best possible mobile options.

Apps Offer Clients Business on Their Terms

The ability to enroll and accept payments greatly accelerates payments, improves your cash flow and reduces working capital requirements. You may never need to do “collections” again.

Push notifications from apps promote events in ways never before possible and get results that were never previously imagined. Notifications push clients directly and immediately to the sign-up page. According to one client’s experience, attendance grew at their events by 20-25% – just by making sign-ups available via a mobile app.  This increase in participation translates into new dollars that bolster revenue without adding new clients.

Apps Make Client Satisfaction Soar

The app is all about heightened customer service. Quicker and easier is better. When you’re the one making this possible, your clients are going to be elated with you and too satisfied with their experience to even think of sending their kids to another facility. Your app will help you earn their loyalty.

Apps Give You a Differentiator That Will Inspire Growth

Your mobile app gives you an easy yet innovative option for doing business with clients and that helps your organization rise above the competition. It’s a powerful convenience for your existing clients and can help you to increase the revenue you earn from them. It also works to attract parents who are thinking of enrolling their kids in your program and therefore it helps you grow your client base. Mobile apps support more efficient and effective business processes so that you can even consider expanding your business without expanding the cost of operations.

Mobile apps serve the “right now” mentality that we’ve all embraced. They are quickly adopted because of the simple convenience that they provide. You have the ability, with mobile apps, to be ever-present since your clients are rarely without their smartphones. You’re visible at the moment clients want to act and can even encourage spontaneous decisions.

Mobile apps make significant changes in the way you communicate with your clients and promote your programs and they can inspire dramatic increases in the speed at which you fill your classes and get paid.

Mobile apps are definitely the platform that will give you the best basis for accelerating your future growth. In fact, it is one of the best and most cost effective ways that you can be ready for the next level of engagement that tomorrow’s clients will expect from you.

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