convince your boss to send you to Boost 2021

How to convince your boss to send you to Jackrabbit’s BOOST 2021 Conference

It’s that time of year – Jackrabbit’s annual BOOST Conference is open for registration and you’ve already scoped out the lineup of sessions and speakers.

Whether you’re a returning Jackrabbit BOOST attendee, a super attendee coming back year after year, or just anxious to attend for the first time, you like what you see and you are pumped! If you’re not the decision-maker, you may feel like you’ve got some persuading to do. That’s where we come in with the plan!

Jackrabbit’s BOOST conference happens once a year and you know it’s exactly what you and your youth activity center need – two action-packed days of system tutorials, business-building, networking, highlights from the leadership team at Jackrabbit, and so much more. You can barely contain your emotions, and I get it!

Now, let’s share that excitement with your boss!

4 steps to convince your boss to send you to Jackrabbit BOOST 2021

Follow these four steps when chatting with the owner or manager at your gym, dance studio, or swim school to discuss why you (and maybe even a few of your teammates) should attend Jackrabbit BOOST 2021.

1. Do the research

We all know owners and managers of youth activity centers are busy people. You’ve seen it firsthand. So, there’s a good chance they may not have heard the buzz going around about Jackrabbit BOOST 2021. The best place for you to start is to explore the conference information and take note of a few benefits that you think will stand out the most.

I mean, where else can you go and be connected with Jackrabbit experts, network with peers in your industry, and learn actionable takeaways all in one place?!

The more motivated you are about the endless possibilities of what you can learn at Jackrabbit BOOST, the more likely your boss will say heck yes!

2. Present pricing options

Ok great, you’ve got the benefits of attending Jackrabbit BOOST nailed down but we all know the first question your boss will ask is ‘how much will this cost?’ and that’s completely fair!

I’ve got great news for both of you. Jackrabbit BOOST 2021 is a virtual conference, which means no travel or hotel expenses needed. We’ve also made our ticket options super accommodating so you can customize your experience for your needs.

From earning a free ticket to the conference to an all-access pass for your whole team, you can continue to customize your experience with optional add-ons or take advantage of your ticket as-is! (–>for more pricing details, visit our Jackrabbit BOOST 2021 webpage)

Our goal for Jackrabbit BOOST 2021 is to make sure that that content is available to everyone. That’s why every person with a ticket gets access to the pre-conference kickoff day and access to Jackrabbit BOOST content for 30 days post-event. It just keeps getting better, right?! #priceless

3. Plan to implement ideas

Attending a conference live or virtual isn’t enough these days. It is imperative to take what you’ve learned, figure out realistic next steps, and start implementing a plan in a way that is beneficial for your gym, dance studio, or swim school.

Sometimes, that involves being a sponge during a session that’s not in your wheelhouse and bringing back the key information to the owner or manager. Don’t try to retain it all, but jot down a few notes and highlights for a future meeting or planning session to get the ideas flowing.

4. Share your ideal agenda

You’re this close to making your case – now it’s time to put the cherry on top.

You’ve seen the sessions and you’ve already done the research. Why not show your boss your wishlist agenda to further demonstrate how valuable you find the content, the time, and the experience? Showing your boss exactly what you are planning to learn about will make the decision much easier and more likely to go your way! (—>Need a reminder about the agenda options? Here’s the Jackrabbit BOOST 2021 Agenda)

Attending Jackrabbit BOOST 2021

The work is done and now it’s time to cross our fingers (and toes). Hopefully, you feel confident in how you can approach your boss about attending Jackrabbit BOOST 2021. If you haven’t already, use our letter template to turn the persuasion process into an easy ‘yes’!

We can’t wait to see you at Jackrabbit BOOST 2021! If you’re ready to secure your ticket, you can register here and start planning your experience right away!

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